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Javier Milei’s Victory in Argentine Primaries Leads to Discussions on Dollarization Amidst Peso’s Decline

In the Argentine primary elections on Sunday, Javier Milei, identified as a libertarian and sometimes as a far-right-leaning candidate, emerged victorious, garnering over 30% of the popular vote. The primaries, while mainly serving as a selection process for candidates within the political parties, provide an opportunity for analysts and political observers to ponder the potential results of the forthcoming general elections, scheduled for October 22.

Milei’s win has ignited conversations about his government’s intentions, specifically concerning the significant downsizing of the state through the elimination of multiple ministries and the bold move towards the dollarization of Argentina’s economy.

The proposed dollarization strategy by Milei entails converting all public and private deposits and reserves into dollars, followed by the shutting down of the Central Bank of Argentina. Milei regards this move as a necessary step to “put an end to the fraudulent practice of printing money to cover government expenses and to halt inflation, citing corrupt practices among Argentine politicians.”

Following Milei’s victory, the economy showed immediate reactions, with the central bank adjusting the official Argentine peso to 350 units per dollar. Meanwhile, the unofficial “blue” exchange rate soared to nearly 700 pesos per dollar, a figure almost twice the official rate. In an attempt to prevent financial loss, many retailers have temporarily withdrawn the pricing on imported goods.

Debate Over Dollarization Grows

Milei’s triumph in the primaries has spurred extensive debate among economists and political figures regarding the potential impact of dollarization on Argentina’s economic landscape. In June, Milei boasted that he had already obtained the funding required for dollarization but refrained from revealing the involved third parties, citing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Jorge Lenikov, a former Economy Minister, has voiced strong criticism of Milei’s plan, arguing that it would strip Argentina of its ability to exercise monetary policy, essentially placing it under the control of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Conversely, some experts have endorsed Milei’s approach. Argentine economist Emilio Ocampo, for instance, sees dollarization as a “second best” solution for Argentina, arguing that establishing an autonomous and proficient central bank seems infeasible in the country.

The discourse surrounding Milei’s dollarization proposal has undeniably provoked varying opinions. What are your thoughts on this critical issue? Share your insights in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: dollarization

Who won the Argentine primary elections, and what percentage of the vote did he receive?

Javier Milei won the Argentine primary elections, securing more than 30% of the popular vote.

What is Javier Milei’s plan regarding the Argentine economy?

Milei’s plan includes the dollarization of the Argentine economy, converting all public and private deposits and reserves into dollars, and closing the Central Bank of Argentina.

How did the economy react to Milei’s victory in the primaries?

The central bank adjusted the official Argentine peso to 350 units per dollar, and the unofficial “blue” exchange rate reached nearly 700 pesos per dollar. Retail stores also removed prices from imported appliances and other products to avoid financial loss.

What are the opposing views on Milei’s dollarization plan?

Former Economy Minister Jorge Lenikov criticized the plan, saying it would leave Argentina without tools for monetary policy, while economist Emilio Ocampo supported the plan, considering it the “second best” option for Argentina.

When are the next general elections scheduled in Argentina?

The next general elections in Argentina are slated to be held on October 22.

Has Milei secured the funds for the dollarization process?

Milei claimed in June that he had secured the funds to dollarize Argentina but avoided disclosing the identities of the third parties involved due to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

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Roberto Diaz August 15, 2023 - 8:51 pm

This is huge, and Milei’s approach is pretty bold! The fact that the blue rate is nearly double official rate shows that something must be done! Looking forward to Oct 22nd!

Maria Lopez August 16, 2023 - 12:02 am

Finally, someone with a vision for Argentina’s future. Dollarization might be a solution to inflation? But I don’t know a lot about economics.

Sara Alves August 16, 2023 - 1:38 am

Did anyone read about the central bank closing? that sounds drastic and kinda scary. Where can i find more info about it

Lucas Rodriguez August 16, 2023 - 2:30 am

Dollarization sounds like a big step. But hey, something has to be done to fix the economy. milei might be on to something here, thoughts anyone?

John Smith August 16, 2023 - 5:24 am

i can’t believe Milei won! What’s this gonna mean for the economy, im not sure about this whole dollarization thing…


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