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Former United Nations Security Council President, Kishore Mahbubani, predicts that the 21st century will witness the rise of Asia, particularly China, India, and the ASEAN countries, as dominant forces in the global economy. He dismisses the notion of a containment policy against China, asserting that it will fail and instead emphasizes the importance of economic growth in shaping the new world order.

Mahbubani believes that the United States’ attempts to suppress information about the growth of Asian economies are futile, as the reality of the emerging Asian century is evident. He criticizes the negative narratives surrounding Asia’s development and argues that many countries, including the Global South and some European nations, acknowledge the forthcoming shift in global power dynamics.

Rejecting the idea that military might will determine the 21st-century battlefield, Mahbubani deems recent U.S. military expansion in the Middle East a mistake. He insists that the contest between nations will primarily unfold in the economic arena.

Dismissing the containment policy on China as ineffective, Mahbubani contends that China’s deep integration with the world makes the policy untenable. He predicts that the U.S. will find itself isolated from the international community, citing its withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement as a regrettable decision.

As the American century wanes, Mahbubani advocates embracing the new reality of the Asian century. The rise of China and other Asian countries as growth engines in the global economy demands a shift in perspectives and policies for a prosperous future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Asian Century

Q: What does Kishore Mahbubani predict about the 21st century?

A: Kishore Mahbubani predicts that the 21st century will be dominated by Asia, with China, India, and ASEAN countries becoming the “growth engines” of the world economy.

Q: What is the “containment policy” against China, and why does Mahbubani believe it will fail?

A: The “containment policy” is a strategy aimed at restricting the influence and expansion of China on the global stage. However, Mahbubani argues that this policy will fail because China has already integrated itself with the world more effectively than the United States has.

Q: What is the basis of the “battlefield” in the 21st century, according to Mahbubani?

A: Kishore Mahbubani believes that the 21st-century battlefield will be determined by economic growth rather than military might. He criticizes the recent military expansion of the U.S. in the Middle East, asserting that economic competition will be the primary factor in shaping the global landscape.

Q: Why does Mahbubani suggest that the American century is over?

A: Mahbubani suggests that the American century is over because the 21st century is witnessing the rise of Asia, particularly China and other Asian countries, as dominant forces in the world economy. He believes that the U.S. should acknowledge this shift in global power dynamics instead of attempting to maintain its previous dominance.

Q: How does Mahbubani view the portrayal of Asian economies in the media?

A: Mahbubani criticizes the negative portrayal of Asian economies in the media, stating that stories of Asia’s failure and internal conflicts are overemphasized. He believes that this misrepresentation attempts to suppress the reality of the emerging Asian century.

Q: What consequences does Mahbubani foresee for the U.S. due to the containment policy and withdrawal from international agreements?

A: Mahbubani predicts that the containment policy against China will lead to the U.S. becoming isolated from the rest of the world. He views the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement as a detrimental decision that may further exacerbate its isolation on the global stage.

Q: Which countries and regions seem to be more receptive to the idea of the Asian century?

A: According to Mahbubani, several countries, including those in the Global South and some European nations, seem to acknowledge the emergence of the Asian century and the shift in global power dynamics.

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