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Slightly More Than Half of Turkish Adults Engage in Cryptocurrency Investments Between November 2021 and May 2023 — Research Analysis

Over the course of the eighteen-month period spanning from November 2021 to May 2023, there has been a discernible increase in the percentage of Turkish adults who have taken part in cryptocurrency investments. This revelation emerges from the most recent Kucoin report, which presents data showing that the proportion of Turkish adults involved in cryptocurrency investments has risen from 40% to 52%. Notably, this research also highlights that a substantial 54% of Turkish adults who initiated their foray into the cryptocurrency market within the past year were aged below 30.

Cryptocurrencies as a Defensive Strategy Amidst Inflation

A recently conducted survey by Kucoin underscores the growth in the proportion of cryptocurrency investors within the age bracket of 18 to 60 among Turkish adults. This percentage has ascended from 40% in November 2021 to reach 52% by May 2023. Furthermore, the survey’s findings emphasize that 31% of individuals who have invested in cryptocurrencies in Turkey have done so within the past three months.

The conclusions drawn from the Kucoin report suggest that this phenomenon might be indicative of citizens in Turkey, a country grappling with the impact of inflation, perceiving cryptocurrencies as a protective measure against escalating prices and the devaluation of their currency. In response to these findings, Johnny Lyu, the CEO of Kucoin, offered the following commentary:

“We are gratified to present this all-encompassing report, which casts light on the ever-evolving cryptocurrency community in Turkey. Through our publication titled ‘Into the Cryptoverse: Understanding Crypto Users in Turkey,’ our intention is to contribute to a more enlightened cryptocurrency landscape and to encourage the judicious adoption and utilization of cryptocurrencies.”

Lyu conveyed his optimism that this report will serve as a catalyst for substantive dialogues and will contribute to the cumulative knowledge of the global cryptocurrency community.

Heightened Interest in Cryptocurrency Evident Among Young Turks

Simultaneously, the same Kucoin report asserts that a significant fraction of the newcomers to cryptocurrency investments in the country consists of youthful Turkish individuals. In support of this claim, the report discloses that a notable 54% of Turkish adults who initiated their cryptocurrency investments in the past year fall below the age of 30. Additionally, these younger Turks constitute a substantial proportion of those who have made substantial commitments in cryptocurrency investments.

“Despite having limited exposure to cryptocurrency investments, a noteworthy portion (33%) of youthful investors below the age of 30 are allocating amounts exceeding 100,000 Turkish Lira [$3,700], thereby signifying their inclination to allocate substantial resources to the cryptocurrency market. The burgeoning interest of youthful investors, coupled with the involvement of older generations, underscores the expanding embrace of cryptocurrency within the investment landscape of the country,” the report explicates.

Turning our attention to the preferred digital assets among Turks, the survey outcomes divulge that bitcoin (BTC) enjoys the highest favorability among the respondents (71%). In the runner-up position, Ethereum garners interest, with 45% of the overall respondents and 52% of the younger investors indicating their intention to invest in it. Stablecoins come in third place with a 33% popularity rating.

Regarding the manner in which Turks employ cryptocurrencies, the survey underscores that a majority of the respondents (70%) utilize them for trading purposes, while 22% leverage their digital assets to acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cryptocurrency Uptake

What is the main takeaway from the Kucoin report regarding Turkish adults and cryptocurrency investments?

The primary insight gleaned from the Kucoin report is that between November 2021 and May 2023, the proportion of Turkish adults engaging in cryptocurrency investments surged from 40% to 52%, indicating heightened interest in digital assets.

How has the age demographic of new Turkish cryptocurrency investors shifted?

The report reveals that a considerable 54% of Turkish adults who ventured into cryptocurrency investments within the past year were under the age of 30, underscoring the growing appeal of cryptocurrencies among the younger generation.

What role does inflation play in influencing cryptocurrency adoption in Turkey?

Inflation concerns seem to be driving the interest in cryptocurrencies, as residents in Turkey perceive them as a hedge against rising prices and the devaluation of their currency, as suggested by the Kucoin report’s findings.

How does Kucoin view the implications of their report?

Kucoin’s CEO, Johnny Lyu, expresses enthusiasm about contributing to a better understanding of Turkey’s evolving crypto community through the report. He hopes it will foster informed discussions and responsible cryptocurrency adoption.

What significance does the involvement of young Turks hold for the cryptocurrency landscape?

The report emphasizes that a substantial proportion of young Turkish investors, despite limited experience, are committing significant funds to the crypto market, highlighting both their interest and the broader acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

What are the preferred digital assets among Turks, according to the survey?

Bitcoin (BTC) remains the most favored cryptocurrency, with a 71% popularity rate among the respondents. Ethereum follows closely with a 45% interest rate overall and 52% among young investors.

How do Turks primarily use cryptocurrencies?

The survey reveals that the majority of respondents (70%) utilize cryptocurrencies for trading purposes, while 22% leverage their digital assets to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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