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Recent records reveal a series of transactions emanating from “dormant bitcoin” addresses, initially established over 11 years ago in 2012. These transactions encompassed a total of 909.89 BTC, currently valued at $24.88 million. Notably, the initial acquisition of these bitcoins transpired when their worth was a modest sum, less than $10,000.

The 11-Year Dormancy: Unearthing $24.88M Worth of 2012 Bitcoins

In a noteworthy development, another batch of vintage bitcoins from 2012 has surfaced after an extended period of over 11 years. This occurrence marks the ninth instance of “dormant bitcoin” transactions originating from 2012 addresses in the year 2023. While definitive ownership attribution remains elusive, clustering heuristics and acquisition timestamps strongly suggest the involvement of a single entity in this movement. The first of these transactions relocated 199.99 BTC from the address labeled “1NmFy,” and this event was verified at block height 808,207. It’s noteworthy that this particular transaction employed minimal privacy techniques.

Transactions involving bitcoins from the years 2010, 2011, and 2012 are relatively rare. However, September of this year has already witnessed nine such transfers originating from 2012 addresses.

The initial batch of 199.99 BTC was originally acquired on February 14, 2012. Subsequently, the second transaction involved 185.12 BTC, also obtained on February 14, 2012. These funds were transferred from the address “1DV45” and employed minimal privacy measures, according to Blockchair’s privacy analysis. Notably, the “1DV45” transaction was confirmed three blocks later than the first one, at block height 808,210.

The third set of transferred bitcoins originated on July 12, 2012, at a time when BTC traded at $7.15 per coin. These bitcoins were sourced from the address “1BXuj” and accounted for a sum of 97.41 BTC, which was confirmed at block height 808,212. The fourth batch of BTC, originating from “19UrN” and created on March 6, 2012, involved the transfer of 276.22 BTC, verified at block height 808,213. The fifth and final transaction from the 2012 wallet, “1BBvb,” moved a total of 151.15 BTC and was established on July 20, 2012.

All five transactions were identified through the blockchain analysis tool “btcparser1” provided by This specialized tool continually monitors the blockchain for any activity associated with 64,529 “dormant” bitcoin addresses. In the year 2023, the emergence of nine transactions from 2012 addresses led to vintage bitcoin holders transferring a combined total of 4,610.86 BTC, currently valued at an impressive $126.12 million.

Feel free to share your insights and perspectives on these five 2012 bitcoin transactions, which transpired on a recent Sunday, in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bitcoin Transactions

What are “dormant bitcoins” from 2012?

“Dormant bitcoins” refer to bitcoins that have been untouched and inactive in a wallet for an extended period. In this case, they were last accessed in 2012.

How much value did the 2012 bitcoins hold when acquired?

When initially acquired in 2012, the value of these bitcoins was less than $10,000. However, they are currently worth an impressive $24.88 million.

How many 2012 bitcoin transactions have occurred in 2023?

Nine transactions from 2012 bitcoin addresses have been recorded in 2023, indicating a surprising resurgence in activity from these vintage coins.

Was it determined who the owner of these bitcoins is?

While ownership attribution remains uncertain, clustering heuristics and acquisition dates suggest that it is likely a single entity behind these transactions.

What were the details of the most significant transaction?

The largest transaction moved 199.99 BTC from the address “1NmFy” and was confirmed at block height 808,207. Notably, this transaction employed minimal privacy techniques.

How does this compare to other vintage bitcoin transactions?

Transactions involving bitcoins from 2010, 2011, and 2012 are relatively rare, making these nine 2012 transactions in 2023 noteworthy in the cryptocurrency world.

What tools were used to detect these transactions?

The transactions were identified using’s specialized blockchain tool, “btcparser1,” which continuously monitors activity associated with dormant bitcoin addresses.

What is the total value of the bitcoins transferred in these nine transactions?

In total, the emergence of these nine transactions from 2012 addresses led to the transfer of 4,610.86 BTC, currently valued at an impressive $126.12 million.

When did these transactions take place?

These transactions took place in 2023, marking the awakening of bitcoins that had remained dormant for over 11 years since their acquisition in 2012.

Where can I find more information or share my thoughts on these transactions?

Feel free to share your insights and perspectives on these transactions in the comments section provided in the article.

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InvestorPro September 19, 2023 - 7:01 am

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EconomicGuru September 20, 2023 - 1:18 am

These 2012 bitcoins, epic move! _xD83D__xDE80__xD83D__xDCB0_

CryptoEnthusiast23 September 20, 2023 - 2:30 am

wow, old bitcoins wake up! Crazy how they were like, 10k and now 25m! _xD83D__xDE31_

BlockchainWizard September 20, 2023 - 2:31 am

btcparser1 doing its thing! _xD83D__xDD0D__xD83D__xDD17_


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