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As confirmed through an official declaration on, Solana’s validator network has successfully attained a super-majority for the activation of its 1.16 upgrade. This new version brings to the table multiple functionalities, including better runtime compatibility for zero-knowledge proofs and significant validator improvements. Among these advancements, the standout feature is the integration of “confidential transfers,” designed to enable completely encrypted transactions involving SPL tokens, thereby augmenting the privacy of users.

This version 1.16 update infuses a layer of privacy into Solana’s transaction processes by incorporating confidential transfers. These transactions make use of advanced cryptographic techniques, specifically zero-knowledge proofs, to obscure the amounts involved in transactions as well as the SPL token balances on the Solana network. This fortification of privacy means that third-party entities are unable to gain access to this sensitive information, thereby enhancing the confidentiality of users.

For those issuing new SPL tokens, an option is now available during the minting process to enable “confidential transfers.” Moreover, tokens that are already in circulation can opt-in to this feature at a later time through a specific transaction, as delineated in the blog post. Thus, users are granted the flexibility to shield their token balances and undertake transactions in a private manner. Commands have also been included in the Solana Command Line Interface (CLI) to simplify the setup of confidential transfers.

It is important to note that Solana’s emphasis with this feature is squarely on confidentiality as opposed to complete anonymity. While transactional details are kept private, wallet addresses remain transparent on the blockchain. This approach sustains a level of accountability, yet concurrently augments privacy. The strategy, as elaborated in the blog, represents a judicious compromise between public transparency and the discretion of users over their financial data.

Before full-scale deployment, the 1.16 upgrade underwent comprehensive scrutiny on both testnet and canary nodes in the mainnet. This incremental rollout allowed for the identification and rectification of challenges like node instability and delayed system startups. Similarly, the enabling of confidential transfers is slated to follow a phased implementation within Solana’s established “feature gates” framework. As for Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL, it currently stands at the eighth position in terms of market capitalization.

In the wake of last year’s FTX market crash, SOL has rebounded by 19.5% over the previous month and recorded a 14% appreciation against the U.S. dollar in the past week alone. Despite this uptick, the cryptocurrency is still trading at a level that is 91% below its peak value of $259 per coin as of November 6, 2021, with the current trading price at $23 per coin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Solana 1.16 Upgrade

What is the key feature of Solana’s 1.16 upgrade?

The standout feature of Solana’s 1.16 upgrade is the integration of “confidential transfers.” This allows for fully encrypted transactions involving SPL tokens, thereby enhancing the privacy of users on the network.

What cryptographic technique does Solana use for confidential transfers?

Solana employs advanced cryptographic methods, specifically zero-knowledge proofs, to ensure the privacy of transaction amounts and SPL token account balances.

How does this upgrade impact existing SPL tokens?

For SPL tokens that are already in circulation, the feature of confidential transfers can be activated later through a specific transaction. This gives token holders the option to enhance their privacy settings.

Is the focus of this feature on anonymity or confidentiality?

The feature emphasizes confidentiality rather than complete anonymity. While transactions can be made privately, wallet addresses will still be publicly visible on the blockchain.

How was the 1.16 upgrade tested before deployment?

Before its full-scale rollout, the 1.16 upgrade underwent comprehensive testing on both the testnet and canary nodes in the mainnet. This allowed for the identification and rectification of various issues such as node instability and delayed startups.

What is Solana’s current market position following the upgrade?

As of the article’s publication date, Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL, ranks eighth in market capitalization. It has seen a 19.5% increase over the past month and a 14% appreciation against the U.S. dollar in the past week.

How does this upgrade balance transparency and user discretion?

The upgrade aims to strike a balance between transparency and user discretion by keeping wallet addresses publicly visible while obscuring transaction amounts and SPL token balances. This maintains a level of accountability while also improving user privacy.

What are the next steps for the activation of confidential transfers?

The activation of confidential transfers will follow a phased approach within Solana’s existing “feature gates” framework. This is to ensure a stable and secure rollout of the new feature.

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