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Digital Currency Group (DCG) has responded to the lawsuit initiated by Gemini Trust Company, LLC, by filing a motion for the dismissal of the case. The motion, submitted in the Southern District of New York, asserts that the claims made by Gemini concerning deceptive practices related to the Gemini Earn program lack validity and are insufficiently supported. DCG’s legal team contends that the lawsuit lacks substantial evidence and urges the court to dismiss the complaint.

DCG Seeks Dismissal of Gemini Lawsuit, Citing Insufficient Evidence and Unfounded Claims

In the opening statement of the motion, DCG outlines the contentions made by Gemini about the Gemini Earn program, which was previously operated in partnership with Genesis Global Capital, LLC (Genesis). DCG argues that Gemini’s accusations, which aim to hold DCG and Barry Silbert accountable for the actions of Genesis, lack a solid foundation.

Furthermore, DCG’s motion highlights that Gemini’s allegations fail to adequately establish fraud on the part of the defendants. The motion’s argument section elaborates that none of the statements made by the defendants can be considered legally actionable, and the defendants cannot be held responsible for alleged misrepresentations by Genesis.

The motion states, “Gemini asserts that defendants facilitated and participated in Genesis’s purported deceit through various corporate transactions and documentation. However, this assertion is unsubstantiated.” The document supporting the motion to dismiss, released on August 10, 2023, explains, “There are no well-supported claims that the defendants possessed actual knowledge of any alleged fraudulent activity. Gemini’s argument solely relies on the corporate connection between defendants and Genesis to make its case.”

In addition to the absence of compelling evidence of fraudulent conduct, DCG’s motion accuses Gemini of not presenting evidence of their knowledge regarding the supposed fraud. DCG further dismisses Gemini’s allegations as groundless, criticizing the lack of substantial backing for the claims. DCG’s legal team argues, “The remainder of the complaint consists of vague assertions directed at Genesis, a non-defendant. The motion continues:

Gemini employs various methods in an attempt to hold the defendants accountable for alleged misrepresentations by Genesis. Nevertheless, these attempts to link the defendants to the actions of Genesis do not stand up as legally sound. It is firmly established in law that parent companies cannot be held liable for the actions of their subsidiaries, and Gemini fails to put forward any argument based on the concept of alter ego. Instead, Gemini asserts that the defendants should be held liable for not actively rectifying the alleged misstatements made by Genesis.

DCG’s response to the lawsuit follows public statements by Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss, who announced legal action against DCG and CEO Barry Silbert. Gemini’s lawsuit aims to recuperate damages and losses purportedly incurred due to false and deceptive representations by DCG and Silbert. DCG responded by characterizing the lawsuit as a “publicity stunt” orchestrated by Cameron Winklevoss to evade accountability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about lawsuit dismissal

What is the context of this news?

Digital Currency Group (DCG) has responded to a lawsuit filed by Gemini Trust Company, LLC, by submitting a motion to have the case dismissed. The lawsuit revolves around allegations of fraudulent misrepresentations concerning the Gemini Earn program.

What is DCG’s argument in their motion to dismiss?

DCG’s motion asserts that Gemini’s claims lack merit and are inadequately supported. DCG contends that the allegations regarding fraudulent activities related to the Gemini Earn program do not have sufficient evidence to substantiate them.

What is the main point of contention?

Gemini accuses DCG and its CEO Barry Silbert of being responsible for actions carried out by Genesis Global Capital, LLC (Genesis), a company formerly involved in the Gemini Earn program. DCG’s motion argues that these accusations against them are unfounded.

Why does DCG assert that Gemini’s allegations are baseless?

According to DCG’s motion, Gemini’s claims fail to present enough evidence to suggest that DCG had actual knowledge of any alleged fraudulent activities. DCG also asserts that the corporate relationship between DCG and Genesis doesn’t automatically imply liability for Genesis’s actions.

What does DCG’s motion argue about parent companies and subsidiaries?

DCG’s motion points out that, legally, parent companies are typically not held liable for the actions of their subsidiaries. They argue that Gemini doesn’t provide any substantial basis to claim that DCG should be held responsible for the actions of Genesis.

What is the backdrop to Gemini’s lawsuit?

Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of Gemini, publicly announced legal action against DCG and Barry Silbert, alleging false and misleading representations that resulted in damages and losses for Gemini. DCG responded by labeling the lawsuit as a publicity tactic to deflect accountability.

What is the overall stance of DCG’s motion to dismiss?

DCG’s motion seeks to have Gemini’s lawsuit dismissed by asserting that the allegations lack evidential support and that the claims made against DCG are legally insufficient. DCG’s legal team contends that the lawsuit should not proceed based on the presented arguments and evidence.

Is there a public response from Gemini regarding DCG’s motion?

The text does not mention a direct response from Gemini to DCG’s motion in this context.


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TechNerd42 August 12, 2023 - 11:16 am

heard bout dis, DCG playin smart, tryna dodge dat lawsuit, but gemini rly mad abt it, let’s c how court decide.

WordsmithMistakes August 12, 2023 - 11:23 am

gemini claimin dcg bad, dcg sayin no evi, who 2 believe? lawsuit stuff confusin, law & crypto mix makin brain spin!

CryptoEnthusiast August 12, 2023 - 1:05 pm

wow gemini vs dcg drama continues, seems DCG sayin gemini’s claims nonsense, but who knws truth?


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