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Multiple accounts have emerged suggesting that the darknet market (DNM) named Tor2door executed an exit scam, absconding with a substantial amount of cryptocurrency held in escrow. Tensions among Tor2door’s user base escalated when the platform abruptly disappeared from the deep web on September 14, 2023, according to discussions originating from the DNM forum Dread.

Tor2door’s Supposed Exit Scam Causes Unease Across DNM Ecosystems

During this week, various narratives have emerged, indicating a likely exit scam orchestrated by the Darknet Marketplace known as Tor2door, leaving both its buyers and vendors in a state of loss. The matter gained attention on social media platform X, where an individual known for researching DNMs and the Tor network, who goes by ‘Dark Fail,’ highlighted the market’s collapse.

“Tor2door conducted an exit scam this week, absconding with a significant cryptocurrency escrow fund that was earmarked for pending transactions between drug purchasers and sellers,” stated Dark Fail.

Initiated in July 2020, Tor2door acted as a conduit for illicit drug trade and also provided tutorials on account hacking, carding, and various forms of identity and financial fraud. The website (Searchlight Cyber) also provided a detailed account of Tor2door’s supposed exit scam.

Searchlight Cyber revealed that the marketplace had over 19,000 unique listings and 900 individual vendors. Discussions regarding issues with Tor2door commenced on September 14, 2023. What began as murmurs of concern escalated into full-blown panic on the Dread forum when users discovered that Tor2door’s mirror links were no longer functional.

Accounts from Searchlight Cyber described how, in the days following the disappearance, users attempted to contact Tor2door’s administrators in a state of desperation. Official vendors for the market also expressed their frustrations, fueling speculations about either a calculated exit scam or a law enforcement crackdown.

Conversations regarding the issue have extended to the Reddit forum r/topdarknetmarketplace on the clearnet. “Tor2door has been offline for two days now,” stated one user. “There has been no communication from the admin so far. It might be due to a DDoS attack. Do not trust any mirror links from unknown or unverified sources. Exercise caution.”

A post dated 11 days ago on r/topdarknetmarketplace considered the likelihood of the DNM administrator being arrested and detained by authorities. The phenomenon of DNMs has proliferated since the inception of the Silk Road, instigating an ongoing pursuit between market operators and law enforcement agencies.

Searchlight Cyber also observed that competing markets like Cypher and Dark Matter are now actively courting disaffected Tor2door users, seeking to draw them to their alternative DNMs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tor2door Exit Scam

What is Tor2door?

Tor2door is a darknet marketplace (DNM) that was operational since July 2020. It served as a platform for illegal drug transactions and also offered guides on various forms of identity and financial fraud, account hacking, and carding.

What happened to Tor2door on September 14, 2023?

According to multiple accounts, Tor2door vanished from the deep web on September 14, 2023. This has led to widespread speculation that the platform executed an exit scam, allegedly making off with a significant amount of cryptocurrency held in escrow.

Who is ‘Dark Fail’ and what did they say about Tor2door?

‘Dark Fail’ is an individual known for researching darknet markets and the Tor network. They gained attention for highlighting Tor2door’s disappearance on social media, stating that the marketplace conducted an exit scam and absconded with a substantial cryptocurrency escrow fund earmarked for pending transactions between buyers and sellers.

What is Searchlight Cyber’s role in this narrative?

Searchlight Cyber is a website that provided a detailed account of the unfolding situation regarding Tor2door. According to their report, the marketplace had over 19,000 unique listings and 900 individual vendors before its disappearance.

Are there any alternative DNMs where former Tor2door users are migrating?

Yes, Searchlight Cyber noted that competing markets like Cypher and Dark Matter are now actively trying to attract disaffected Tor2door users to their platforms.

What is being discussed on Reddit’s r/topdarknetmarketplace forum?

Discussions on Reddit’s r/topdarknetmarketplace forum have extended to include Tor2door’s disappearance. Users are speculating about various possibilities, including a DDoS attack, and advising caution when it comes to trusting mirror links from unknown sources.

What is an exit scam in the context of a Darknet Marketplace?

An exit scam occurs when the administrators of a Darknet Marketplace abruptly shut down the platform and abscond with the funds held in escrow, leaving both buyers and vendors without access to their money or products.

Have there been any official communications from Tor2door’s admin?

As of the latest reports, there have been no official communications from Tor2door’s admin, leading to heightened speculation about the marketplace’s sudden disappearance.

What kind of products and services did Tor2door offer?

Tor2door was predominantly a hub for illicit drug transactions but also offered tutorials on account hacking, carding, and various forms of identity and financial fraud.

Has law enforcement made any statements regarding Tor2door’s disappearance?

As of the information available, there has been no official statement from law enforcement agencies confirming or denying involvement in Tor2door’s disappearance.

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