Friday, September 29, 2023

Shellboxes, an industry-leading cyber security firm, has recently declared its continuous commitment to protect blockchain projects from the growing threat of cyber attacks. This remarkable commitment comes in response to the ever-increasing number of malicious actors attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in blockchain protocols. With their suite of services, including helping projects identify and fix existing weaknesses and developing highly secure and efficient smart contracts from scratch, Shellboxes is paving the way for a more secure Web 3.0. On top of that, Shellboxes was even awarded the DeFi Security Alliance outstanding quality award in 2022. As such, Shellboxes is proving to be a leader in cyber-security and its commitment to protecting blockchain projects is invaluable.

Shellboxes, an industry-leading cyber security firm, is making an unprecedented commitment to protecting blockchain projects from cyber attacks. This commitment is part of a larger effort to help ensure the safety and security of the blockchain landscape, and further demonstrates Shellboxes’ dedication to providing the highest level of cyber security solutions. With the company’s commitment and dedication, blockchain projects can rest assured that they are getting the best protection available against cyber threats.

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