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The Argentine Peso has experienced a significant decline in its value, reaching historic lows, following remarks made by presidential candidate Javier Milei, who is currently leading in various polls for the upcoming elections. Milei’s comment likening the peso’s value to excrement has triggered controversy, with President Alberto Fernandez accusing him of “public intimidation.”

Javier Milei’s Comparison of the Argentine Peso to Excrement

The Argentine peso’s value took a nosedive after presidential candidate Javier Milei strongly criticized the national currency, drawing a parallel between it and excrement. Milei, who is expected to emerge victorious in the upcoming elections, urged citizens not to invest their savings in peso-based fixed-term instruments but rather to opt for saving in U.S. dollars during a radio interview.

In the interview, Milei stated:

“The peso is the currency issued by Argentine politicians and, as such, it cannot even be deemed as valuable as excrement, as even that waste has no utility as fertilizer.”

In the wake of Milei’s remarks, the Argentine peso plunged, reaching an exchange rate of 1,050 pesos per U.S. dollar, breaching the historically significant 1,000-peso-per-dollar threshold for the first time in the nation’s history.

Milei has proposed a comprehensive plan for the dollarization of the Argentine economy and the dissolution of the Central Bank of Argentina as key components of his prospective administration’s policy. He emphasized last week that higher dollar prices would facilitate the process, explaining:

“The higher the dollar’s price, the smoother the transition to dollarization becomes. Eliminating the Central Bank is an unwavering policy stance because we believe there is a moral imperative—that stealing is wrong.”

Legal Complaints Stemming from Bank Run Accusations

President Alberto Fernandez has lodged a legal complaint against Milei, accusing him of “public intimidation” and attributing the public’s rush to withdraw their peso savings and exchange them for dollars to Milei’s statements. The legal complaint underscores that, following Milei’s remarks, the population “became apprehensive about the very real possibility of our currency, the peso, losing its value and ceasing to serve as the nation’s monetary unit.”

Attorney Valeria Carreras has also filed a complaint, contending that Milei’s statements were intended to incite a devaluation effect. She remarked, “Today, we are 30% poorer due to these comments, as the dollar has surged, dragging down the entire economy.”

Nonetheless, Milei has dismissed these accusations, asserting that his intention was to help Argentines preserve their purchasing power. During a press conference, Milei stated:

“In an economy beset by inflation, advising Argentines to stick with pesos condemns them to poverty and erodes their savings.”

What are your thoughts on the Argentine peso’s collapse and Milei’s proposal for dollarization? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Argentine Peso Plunge

What caused the decline of the Argentine Peso?

The Argentine Peso’s decline was triggered by comments made by presidential candidate Javier Milei, who compared the currency’s value to excrement during a radio interview.

Who is Javier Milei, and why is he significant in this context?

Javier Milei is a presidential candidate in Argentina, and he is currently leading in various polls for the upcoming elections. He gained notoriety for his proposal to dollarize the Argentine economy and eliminate the Central Bank of Argentina.

What were the consequences of Milei’s remarks?

Following Milei’s comments, the Argentine Peso experienced a significant drop in value, reaching an exchange rate of 1,050 pesos per U.S. dollar, a historic low. This also led to accusations of “public intimidation” against Milei and legal complaints.

Why did President Alberto Fernandez file a legal complaint against Milei?

President Alberto Fernandez filed a legal complaint against Milei, accusing him of causing a public disturbance that led Argentines to withdraw their peso savings and exchange them for dollars. The complaint alleges that Milei’s comments fueled concerns about the peso’s stability.

What is the significance of the legal complaints against Milei?

The legal complaints against Milei highlight the contentious nature of his statements and the potential economic impact. They also underscore the debate around the peso’s value and the feasibility of Milei’s proposed economic policies.

How does Milei justify his remarks?

Milei defends his comments by arguing that he is trying to protect Argentines from the eroding effects of inflation and that advising them to keep their savings in pesos would lead to financial hardship.

What is the broader context of this situation in Argentina?

This situation reflects the ongoing economic challenges in Argentina, including high inflation rates and debates about the country’s monetary policy. It also brings to the forefront discussions about the role of the Central Bank and potential paths for economic reform, such as dollarization.

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PoliticWatcher October 12, 2023 - 11:07 pm

Fernandez fights back, Milei’s talk caused big probs, but argentina’s been in econ mess 4 long time.

EconNerd99 October 13, 2023 - 8:19 am

Dollarization debate hot topic, peso’s fall dramatic, what’s next 4 this country?

FinanceGuru123 October 13, 2023 - 10:14 am

Milei’s idea to dollarize, mayb not so crazy? But prez fernandez ain’t happy, legal fight, not fun.

CryptoKing42 October 13, 2023 - 7:36 pm

Wow, milei sure made peso drop like a rock! Not good for argentina, big trouble ahead, no doubt!


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