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Willy Woo

by Hideo Nakamura
Willy Woo

Willy Woo is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency community and an expert on crypto-asset markets. He is best known for his popular Woobull website, which offers research and analysis of digital asset market trends based on data from various exchanges.

Willy Woo was born in New Zealand and graduated from the University of Auckland with a degree in Computer Science & Mathematics. After graduation, he moved to London to pursue a career as a software engineer at Goldman Sachs before eventually making the move into crypto assets.

Since then he has become one of the leading authorities on cryptocurrencies, regularly appearing on podcasts such as What Bitcoin Did and giving interviews about blockchain technology and its applications across different industries. He also appears at conferences around the world speaking on topics related to digital currencies, including price movements, trading strategies, network economics and blockchain development.

In addition to his work as an analyst, Willy Woo is also actively involved in developing new tools for investors such as OnChainFx – an aggregation platform for tracking real-time prices of cryptocurrencies; Nomics – an open source market data repository; TokenAnalyst – a tool used by traders to track token movement between addresses; LiquidityBot – an algorithm that tracks order book depth information; CryptoQuant – a suite of cryptocurrency analytics tools; Swapbot – automated algorithmic trading system powered by AI/ML algorithms; HodlBot – portfolio optimization bot built using machine learning techniques; DeFi Pulse – visual dashboard providing insights into decentralized finance protocols..

Wily’s works are highly respected within the industry due to their accuracy in predicting long term trends despite volatile market conditions. His latest venture is called Adaptive Capital Management (ACM) where he provides advisory services related to investing in digital assets through discretionary management funds or managed accounts tailored specifically towards individual client needs.

As well as writing articles for publications like CoinDesk and TechCrunch Willy Woo is also active on social media channels like Twitter where he shares news updates alongside his own thoughts about current developments taking place within cryptocurrency markets

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