Friday, June 2, 2023

White Hat Computer Hacker

by Hideo Nakamura
White Hat Computer Hacker

White Hat Computer Hacker

A white hat computer hacker is a person who uses their technical skills to identify and address security vulnerabilities in software or hardware systems. White hat hackers are also known as ethical hackers, as they use the same techniques employed by malicious actors but with the intent of improving system security. They act as a defensive force against cyber attacks, working to ensure that networks remain secure.

The primary goal of a white hat hacker is to improve network security by proactively identifying potential risks before they can be exploited by criminals or malicious agents. To achieve this goal, white hats employ tactics such as penetration testing (pen-testing) and vulnerability assessment. Pen-testing involves using tools to simulate an attack on a system, while vulnerability assessment requires deeper knowledge of how different components interact with each other and how specific flaws could be used for an exploit.

By understanding both common attack vectors and sophisticated methods employed by black hat hackers (who seek unauthorized access for personal gain), white hats can provide invaluable assistance in keeping networks safe from external threats. Some organizations even hire dedicated full-time ethical hackers to monitor their systems around the clock or contract out pen-testing services on an occasional basis when new applications are released or major changes occur within existing infrastructure environments.

In general, white hat hacking activities are conducted under very strict guidelines so that no harm is done during testing. The results of any tests should never be shared publicly without explicit permission from the target organization; otherwise it may give criminals insight into possible ways they could breach defenses in order to commit crimes such as data theft or fraudulence online transactions. Furthermore, all findings must be reported back promptly so that appropriate corrective measures can be taken quickly if necessary prior any damage being caused due to negligence on behalf of those responsible for patching discovered vulnerabilities in timely manner once identified through these types of activities .

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