Tuesday, June 6, 2023


by Hideo Nakamura

WebSocket is a communications protocol that facilitates full-duplex, bi-directional communication over the web. It was developed in 2011 as an alternative to the existing HTTP protocol and has since become one of the most popular methods for transferring data between clients and servers on the web.

The WebSocket protocol enables real time communication by allowing both parties (the server and client) to send messages back and forth without either side having to wait for an acknowledgment from the other. This makes it ideal for applications requiring low latency such as streaming video, gaming, or cryptocurrency transactions.

In order to use WebSockets, both ends must agree upon a certain set of rules called a subprotocol which defines how messages should be passed back and forth between them. Each end then establishes its own connection with each other using this agreed-upon subprotocol. Once established, all subsequent communication will follow this same protocol until either side decides to close their connection.

One advantage of using WebSockets is that they are more efficient than standard HTTP requests because they only require one TCP handshake instead of two (one request from client -> server, followed by another response from server -> client). This reduces network traffic significantly while also providing faster response times compared to regular http requests resulting in improved user experience when dealing with large amounts of data or frequent updates such as those often seen with cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, since no additional headers need to be sent along with each message sent via websocket it can result in greater security due to less overhead data being exchanged between clients/servers thus reducing chances of malicious attacks on vulnerable systems if proper authentication protocols are used correctly within application code itself rather than relying solely on external security measures such as firewalls etc…

Overall WebSocket provides developers with fast reliable connections which enable enhanced performance compared traditional http requests offering users better overall experiences when working within distributed systems especially those involving cryptocurrencies where speed & reliability are essential factors behind successful transactions completion rates & customer satisfaction levels alike!

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