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Watcher (OMG Foundation)

by Hideo Nakamura
Watcher (OMG Foundation)

## Watcher (OMG Foundation)
Watcher is a decentralized monitoring tool developed by the OMG Foundation, an organization dedicated to developing and promoting blockchain technology. The purpose of Watcher is to allow users to track the performance of their Ethereum-based tokens in real time. It also provides data on transactions sent and received across various Ethereum networks.

Using Watcher, users can view information about their token holdings including price changes over time, total market capitalization, trading volume, network fees paid/received and more. Additionally, it allows them to monitor events related to their tokens such as transfers or new smart contracts being deployed on the network.

The main features of Watcher are its ability for users to customize what data they want displayed in order to better analyze trends in the markets. This includes setting up alerts for when certain conditions are met or when there’s been a significant change in value of any particular token or cryptocurrency held by the user.

Furthermore, Watcher has integrated support for popular exchanges like Binance so that users can easily access real-time pricing information from those exchanges while trading within one unified platform rather than having multiple windows open at once with different exchange websites loaded into each window separately. This makes it easier for traders who want quick access to multiple sources of data without needing continually switch between webpages manually which would be cumbersome otherwise when trying keep up with rapidly changing market conditions quickly enough make informed decisions about trades accordingly..

Overall, Watcher is a great tool for anyone interested in tracking performance metrics related cryptocurrencies and tokens like Etheruem-based ones specifically since it’s designed primarily with that goal mind but also offers useful insights regardless type asset being monitored .

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