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by Hideo Nakamura

Voluntaryism is an economic and social philosophy that advocates for the elimination of coercive forms of government and replaces them with voluntary associations. The philosophy has its roots in the works of thinkers such as Robert LeFevre, Murray Rothbard, David Friedman, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

At its core, Voluntaryism maintains that all human relationships should be based on mutual consent rather than coercion. This means that no individual or group should be forced to act against their will by another person or organization. This includes individuals being prevented from taking part in activities where they have voluntarily chosen to do so (such as trading goods or services). It also applies to organizations attempting to impose certain rules upon other parties without their prior consent (such as taxation). Additionally, it states that any contract which involves a breach of this principle should not be considered legitimate or enforceable.

Within the cryptocurrency space specifically, Voluntaryism can manifest itself through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) which are built upon rules agreed upon by consensus between those participating in a network – rather than traditional governance structures enforced by governments or centralized corporations/authorities. These DAOs rely heavily on blockchain technology due to its ability to securely store records while allowing users complete autonomy over how they utilize these resources within the system’s parameters set out beforehand.

In conclusion, Voluntaryism is a philosophical movement advocating for non-coercive interactions between individuals and groups with each party having full knowledge and control over what agreements they enter into with others without fear of external influence such as laws passed by governments restricting their rights . It has been gaining traction within cryptocurrency circles given its suitability towards creating self-governing networks free from central authorities dictating terms – paving the way for more efficient economic systems built around trustless collaboration between participants worldwide

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