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by Hideo Nakamura

Volatility in Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency is an increasingly popular form of digital currency that has seen rapid growth in recent years. As with any asset, the market value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate significantly over short periods of time due to a variety of economic and political factors. This phenomenon is known as volatility, and it’s one of the main concerns for traders who want to invest in crypto assets.

What Is Volatility?
Volatility refers to how much the price of a financial asset changes over time. It’s measured by calculating how much variation there is from day-to-day or week-to-week prices on an exchange rate chart. Assets that are highly volatile tend to experience large swings in their prices, while those with low volatility remain relatively steady over long periods of time.

Why Does Crypto Have High Volatility?
The cryptocurrency markets are still relatively new compared to more established markets like stocks and bonds, which means they have lower liquidity levels and wider bid/ask spreads than traditional investments do. Additionally, since crypto doesn’t have any physical backing like gold or silver does (which helps stabilize its value), fluctuations based on news events or investor sentiment can cause sharp rises and drops quickly – making it very volatile indeed!

How Can You Manage Risk From Volatility?
Volatility can be both good and bad; while it increases potential gains when prices rise sharply, it also puts your investment at risk if you’re not careful about managing your exposure properly. If you’re concerned about this risk, then you should consider diversifying your portfolio across multiple currencies so that no single coin makes up too big a portion of your total investments – this will help spread out the risk associated with high volatility coins across other less volatile ones. You should also pay close attention to news events that might impact the price movements within individual coins before deciding whether or not to buy them; some events (like government regulations) may only affect certain types of cryptos while others could influence all coins at once! Finally, make sure you always keep track of stop losses when trading so that if things don’t go according to plan you won’t suffer too great a loss from sudden dips in price caused by market volatility

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