Tuesday, June 6, 2023


by Hideo Nakamura

Vassals in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency vassals are an important concept within the cryptocurrency space. A vassal is a node that relies on another node for its security and trustworthiness, usually because it lacks the capacity to validate transactions itself. Vassals form part of a larger network of nodes, known as validators, which work together to securely process and validate blockchain transactions.

In comparison to other types of crypto-nodes (e.g., miners or master nodes), vassals are often considered “second-class” citizens since they don’t have the capability to act independently and rely on others for their security requirements. As such, most cryptocurrencies do not incentivize running a vassal node; instead, it is generally done out of altruism or duty towards maintaining the integrity of the network. There may also be some financial incentive offered by certain protocols when running a large number of vassal nodes – however this varies between different networks/protocols so research should always be conducted before investing in any particular protocol or token associated with cryptocurrency validation activities.

Overall, understanding how these various types of crypto-nodes interact with each other is essential in order to ensure that all parties involved receive proper compensation for their contributions toward secure operation and maintenance of cryptocurrency networks – whether they run independent full nodes or depend upon someone else’s validator node(s). Without properly incentivized participation from both sides (validators & vassals) no meaningful progress can be made towards adoption & mainstream acceptance for widespread use cases involving digital assets & smart contracts enabled by blockchain technology!

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