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by Hideo Nakamura

Valuation of Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are used as a medium of exchange for various goods and services. As with any asset, there is a need to understand the worth of these digital currencies in order to make informed decisions on when and how much to invest. This article will provide an overview of the main methods used for valuing cryptocurrencies.

Market Capitalization: Market capitalization (market cap) is one way investors use to value different cryptocurrencies. It measures the total market value of all coins that have been issued by a cryptocurrency network at any given point in time, calculated by multiplying its circulating supply (the number of units currently available) by its current price per unit. For example, if Bitcoin has 18 million tokens available and each token is trading at $5,000 USD then its market cap would be $90 billion USD ($5,000 x 18 million).

Supply/Demand Fundamentals: Supply and demand fundamentals also play a role in determining the price level for most cryptocurrencies. If there’s more demand than supply then prices tend to increase due to increased competition among buyers; conversely if there’s greater supply than demand prices will usually drop because sellers may become desperate enough to accept lower offers from buyers who want to acquire the coin cheaply.

Fundamental Analysis: Fundamental analysis involves taking into account economic factors such as inflation rates or political events that could potentially influence investor sentiment towards particular coins or even entire markets like those related with blockchain technology businesses around them . By assessing macroeconomic trends it can give investors some insight into which types of coins might gain more traction over others during certain periods & help inform better investment decisions accordingly .

Technical Analysis: Technical analysis looks closely at past performance data on specific crypto-assets in order to identify patterns or trends that might indicate future price movements – such as their resistance levels , support zones , moving averages etcetera . This type of analysis relies heavily on charting tools & other indicators which traders use together with fundamental research before making buy/sell decisions based off what they believe could happen next within markets after careful study & observation respectively .

Valuation Modeling: Valuation models attempt to quantify intrinsic values associated with crypto-assets based upon various assumptions about future growth prospects , return expectations & risk profiles – allowing investors an opportunity estimate potential returns under different scenarios without having access real world data points typically found through traditional equity valuation techniques like discounted cash flow analyses or comparable company comparisons among others . These models should always be taken with caution however since they require subjective input from users regarding things like expected growth rates etcetera which can easily lead people astray if not managed properly!

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