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UNI Token

by Hideo Nakamura
UNI Token

UNI Token

The UNI token is a decentralized cryptocurrency created by the Uniswap Protocol. It was released on September 16th, 2020 and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is used to incentivize users of the protocol for their liquidity contribution, governance participation, and other activities that support Uniswap’s mission of providing an open financial system.

UNI tokens are not mined like Bitcoin or Ethereum; instead they were issued as part of an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) in which 1 billion tokens were distributed among various parties including early contributors and investors, community members who completed tasks during a promotional period prior to launch, Liquidity Mining participants who provided liquidity for UNI-ETH pairs on Uniswap V2 within two weeks after launch, and finally through an auction process operated by CoinList Pro. A maximum supply of 1 billion UNI tokens has been set with no additional issuance planned beyond what has already been distributed according to the IDO schedule.

The purpose of the UNI token is to provide holders with access to governance rights over the protocol such as voting rights over changes made to key parameters like fee structure or listing new assets. Additionally, UNI holders will receive incentives from yield generated from transaction fees charged when using Uniswap V2 in addition to rewards earned through staking programs such as UniLend or StakeDrop. Furthermore, certain features may be exclusive only to those holding UNIs such as discounts on fees paid when trading via Uniswap V3 contracts once launched later this year.

Finally it’s important for potential investors in any cryptocurrency asset including UNIs understand all associated risks before investing any capital into them due lack regulatory oversight and highly volatile price movements seen across most digital asset markets today..

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