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Uche Uwaleke

by Hideo Nakamura
Uche Uwaleke

Uche Uwaleke is an economist, finance expert and professor at the Nasarawa State University Keffi in Nigeria. He is a leading authority on cryptocurrency technology, blockchain applications, and digital payments.

Uwaleke has been actively involved in promoting crypto assets since 2017 when he founded the Nigerian Blockchain Alliance (NBA). The NBA works to facilitate dialogue between regulators, industry stakeholders and investors in order to create favorable conditions for blockchain adoption and development in Nigeria.

He also serves on the National Fintech Roadmap Committee of the Central Bank of Nigeria as well as having recently been appointed to serve on its Payment System Management Board. In this role he provides his expertise on fintech solutions including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. He regularly contributes articles to major publications including Forbes Africa Magazine where he discusses topics related to cryptocurrency investments and regulations across Africa.

Uwaleke has written several books which include: “Cryptocurrency Investing For Beginners” (2021), “Blockchain Applications In Financial Markets” (2020) “Digital Payments: A Guide To Understanding The Basics Of Crypto Assets And Digital Money” (2018) & “The FinTech Book: Everything You Need To Know About Disruptive Technology And Finance Innovation”(2017). His research papers cover topics such as financial inclusion, capital market developments, banking system reforms & macroeconomic policies among others that have been published widely by academic journals both local & international including Journal of Banking Regulation; Journal of Accounting Auditing & Finance; International Journal of Economics & Business Research; Global Economy Review; African Development Review etc..

Additionally Uche Uwaleke features frequently at conferences around the world speaking about cryptocurrency technology with a focus on policy implications for developing countries like Nigeria.

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