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U.K. subsidiary

by Hideo Nakamura
U.K. subsidiary

U.K. Subsidiary

A U.K. subsidiary is a company that has been set up in the United Kingdom as a separate entity from its parent company or home office, which may be based overseas. The purpose of setting up a UK subsidiary is to conduct business activities within the U.K., such as marketing, sales and customer support operations, while being able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by British law and regulations when it comes to taxation and compliance with local laws. Major companies often use this structure for their international operations because it offers several advantages over an alternative form of ownership like operating through branches or agencies in foreign countries:

1) It provides limited liability protection; 2) It allows tax optimization opportunities; 3) A U.K.-registered company can open bank accounts more easily than non-UK entities; 4) A subsidiary can help protect intellectual property rights (IPR); 5) Operating through a domestic legal entity increases credibility with customers and partners; 6) Setting up a UK subsidiary is relatively simple compared to other jurisdictions, requiring no physical presence during incorporation procedures; 7) Parent companies have direct control over their subsidiaries’ management decisions without having to go through complicated processes involving each country’s local laws and regulations.

In addition, cryptocurrency businesses are increasingly using this structure when entering new markets in order to benefit from Britain’s well established financial infrastructure for digital assets trading platforms, exchanges and custodian services providers (CSP). This type of setup gives access not only to banking solutions but also payment processing services that are essential components for any successful crypto project launch on the global stage today.

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