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Transaction ID (TXID)

by Hideo Nakamura
Transaction ID (TXID)

Transaction ID (TXID)

A transaction ID (TXID) is a unique identifier that is associated with every cryptocurrency transaction. It serves as a proof of the completion of a specific transaction, allowing for its verification and providing an audit trail for all transactions that take place on the blockchain. A TXID can be thought of like a bank statement number or receipt number; it confirms that the details provided in a given transaction are accurate and have been recorded correctly on the blockchain ledger.

The TXID consists of alphanumeric characters and typically appears once the transaction has been finalized by miners. Since each block contains multiple transactions, they all have their own individual IDs in order to distinguish them from one another. The length of this string varies depending on which protocol is being used but most commonly it will consist of 64 hexadecimal digits. Some platforms may also opt to display these as 32 character strings instead, using Base58 encoding format rather than plain text hexadecimal numbers. This conversion process makes them easier to copy & paste into different applications or services without experiencing any errors due to formatting issues.

In addition to providing proof for completed transactions, TXIDs are also useful when attempting to trace payments between two parties or tracking down confirmations for pending transfers – allowing users greater visibility over their crypto investments at any given time. They can also be used by wallet providers as part of their security measures, enabling usersaccounts/addresses to be verified against known addresses linked with suspicious activity such as theft and money laundering attempts etc., thereby helping reduce fraudulent activity within the cryptocurrency space overall.

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