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by Hideo Nakamura

A trader is a person or entity that buys and sells financial assets in an attempt to profit from the changing prices of those assets. In the world of cryptocurrency, traders are individuals who buy, sell, and exchange virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Trading involves buying low and selling high in order to make a profit. Traders can use technical analysis combined with fundamental analysis in order to determine when it is best to enter into trades.

Day Trading
Day trading is a popular form of trading where positions are opened and closed within the same day; they do not remain open overnight. Day traders aim to capitalize on price fluctuations over very short time frames (minutes up through hours). The goal of day trading is typically for the trader to obtain profits from small price movements throughout the day rather than large swings which would occur if you were holding onto your position for longer periods of time (also known as swing trading). To be successful at day-trading cryptoassets, one must possess good knowledge about technical indicators like support/resistance levels along with having access to reliable market data feeds in real-time.

Swing Trading
In contrast with day-trading strategies, swing-trading strategies involve taking positions which last multiple days or weeks at a time instead of just one single session (day). Swing traders will often look towards long term trends while also monitoring shorter terms ones – this approach allows them greater flexibility since they don’t need to watch their screen all hour every hour like most scalpers do during active market sessions. Swing trade techniques rely heavily upon charting patterns including head & shoulders patterns as well as Bollinger Bands among others– these tools help identify areas where buyers or sellers may be stepping into markets offering opportunities for more profitable entries & exits on trades compared against randomly entering & exiting markets without any regard for underlying trend dynamics .

Scalping Strategies
Scalping is a technique used by many professional traders due its capability generate returns quickly based off small movements seen intra-day – however scalping requires fast reflexes & strong discipline since mistakes can easily lead large losses should markets move against expectations rapidly before stops can be triggered . Most commonly associated with currency pairs , scalpers seek out volatile cryptoassets that have relatively narrow spreads between bid / ask prices so limit orders become filled almost instantly once placed . Additionally , advanced risk management skills are necessary due leverage being employed frequently by scalp traders ; while higher reward potentials exist commensurate risk increases – thorough capital management rules should always be observed when engaging this strategy type regularly .

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