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Tom Orlik

by Hideo Nakamura
Tom Orlik

Tom Orlik is a cryptocurrency expert and investor. He has been involved in the industry since its inception, investing in and trading cryptocurrencies from early on.

Orlik’s specialty lies in his expertise of blockchain technology, which he leverages to identify investment opportunities within the crypto market. He also works as an advisor to several companies that are looking to leverage this technology for their own businesses. Additionally, Orlik is a regular contributor to various cryptocurrency-related publications such as CoinDesk and Forbes Magazine.

Orlik began his career working with high profile investors at Goldman Sachs before founding two fintech startups; one was focused on algorithmic trading while another provided mobile payments solutions using blockchain technology. It was during these times that he gained deep insight into the world of digital currency markets and how they functioned compared to traditional capital markets structures.

In 2018, Orlik released Crypto Revolution: How Blockchain Is Transforming Business And Money —a book about blockchain technology’s potential applications—which received critical acclaim from both financial professionals and technologists alike for its clarity in outlining complex topics related to distributed ledger systems (DLT). The book earned him global recognition as one of the leading authorities on blockchain technology within the finance sector and beyond.

Apart from being featured widely by mainstream media outlets like CNBC, The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg, Tom regularly speaks at conferences around Europe about upcoming trends related to cryptocurrencies or new revolutionary protocols driving innovation across different industries such as healthcare or logistics etc., giving insightful presentations aimed towards entrepreneurs who want better understand DLT concepts & frameworks so they can create more value & business models based on it..

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