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by Hideo Nakamura

TFL CEO is the title given to the chief executive of TFL, a cryptocurrency asset management and trading platform. The current TFL CEO is Tyler Levinger, who assumed the position in October 2020.

Levinger has over 10 years of experience in finance and investment banking, having previously held senior positions at companies such as Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. He also served as Chief Operating Officer of Circle Internet Financial prior to his appointment as TFL CEO.

As head of TFL, Levinger oversees all aspects of its operations including engineering, product development, customer service and marketing for the company’s suite of products which include cryptocurrency wallets, decentralized exchange (DEX) services and custodial services for digital assets. He works with a team that includes experienced professionals from Wall Street banks like JP Morgan Chase & Co., UBS Group AG and CitiGroup Inc., along with tech veterans from Google LLC and Microsoft Corporation.

In addition to managing day-to-day operations at TFL, Levinger’s role involves developing strategies for growth by fostering relationships with key stakeholders including venture capitalists (VCs), hedge funds and institutional investors; creating new product offerings; expanding into new markets; launching partnerships; increasing international presence; hiring top talent across various disciplines; building better infrastructure solutions; introducing innovative technologies to reduce costs while improving performance levels ;and leading fundraising initiatives among other tasks.

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