Friday, June 2, 2023


by Hideo Nakamura

TBT Lab is a blockchain-based platform for developing and testing decentralized applications (DApps). It was created by a team of experienced developers to make it easier for developers to create, launch and promote their own DApps without having to learn the underlying technology.

The TBT Lab platform enables users to quickly create smart contracts that can be deployed to popular blockchains like Ethereum, Tron or EOS. The platform also provides tools for debugging and testing these contracts before they are deployed live on the mainnet. Further, the platform makes it easy for developers to monitor and analyze performance metrics such as transaction throughputs or gas costs associated with their code.

Users of TBT Lab have access to an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) which allows them to easily build DApps from scratch using drag-and-drop components, eliminating the need for coding skills. They can also utilize prebuilt modules from other users within the community in order to speed up development time.

In addition, TBT Lab offers several features that allow developers to protect their intellectual property while allowing others access rights when needed. These features include encrypted data storage, multi-signature transactions, identity verification protocols etc., giving users complete control over who has access rights over their projects at any given time.

Finally, once development is complete on the project, TBT Lab makes it easy for teams or individual developers looking for investors by providing a marketplace where ICO whitepapers can be published and promoted in order gain traction with prospective investors

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