tax records

by Hideo Nakamura
tax records

Tax Records for Cryptocurrency Investors
Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular investment option, and with its increasing popularity comes the need to understand how cryptocurrency is taxed. In order to properly report any profits or losses from trading in cryptocurrencies, investors must keep accurate records of their transactions. This article will discuss what types of tax records should be kept by cryptocurrency investors and how these records can help when filing taxes.

What Tax Records Should Be Kept?
It is important for cryptocurrency investors to keep accurate and detailed records of all income, expenses, gains, losses, deductions, purchases/sales transactions related to their investments in cryptocurrencies. These documents may include:

• Transaction receipts (e.g., Coinbase) • Bank statements showing deposits or withdrawals made relating to crypto investments • Exchange statements (e.g., Binance) • Proof of transfer fees paid if applicable • Trading history reports generated by exchanges or trading software • Year-end 1099 forms where applicable
How Do These Tax Records Help When Filing Taxes?
Keeping detailed and organized tax record can save time when it comes time to file taxes as they provide evidence of the cost base of assets purchased on different dates which is used in calculating capital gains or losses at sale date. Furthermore they can document potential deductions that are available based on your type of business (self employed vs LLC). Finally having complete records helps support a well prepared return that minimizes audit risk due diligence required by IRS agents during an audit process if one were ever conducted on you as a taxpayer.

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