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by Hideo Nakamura

TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) is a stock exchange based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It ranks as the 11th largest exchange in Europe and the 19th largest worldwide with a market capitalization of $284 billion USD as of 2020.

The TASE was founded in 1953 by Bank Leumi and other major Israeli banks. The first trade took place on September 25, 1953. In August 2005, it became an international exchange for listing foreign companies and today offers over 1,000 securities – including stocks, bonds, derivatives and ETFs from both domestic and international firms — across numerous sectors such as technology-related industries like biopharmaceuticals or software development to more traditional markets such as banking or food services.

In May 2015 TASE launched its own cryptocurrency platform called “TA-25 Digital Asset Index” which tracks Bitcoin’s price movement along with 15 other digital currencies traded on various exchanges around the world. This platform also allows users to trade using Bitcoin instead of government currency through their online trading platforms like Equinox Trading Station or IEX TradeStation. TA-25 Digital Asset Index provides investors access to a diversified portfolio of digital assets that can be used for hedging investment risk while providing returns similar to those found when investing directly into traditional financial instruments such as stocks or bonds without having to pay fees associated with buying/selling individual cryptocurrencies manually via exchanges outside Israel’s borders.

In addition to this service offering investors exposure to crypto assets through one convenient platform, TASE has also developed products designed specifically for institutional traders who are looking for liquidity options within the crypto asset space at competitive rates compared to what is currently available from large global exchanges like Coinbase or Binance US . These products include futures contracts denominated in BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP & EOS; margin accounts allowing traders up 20X leverage; spot trading pairs between fiat currency deposits & select cryptocurrencies; index funds tracking different digital assets classes; OTC desks ; custodial services ; insured wallets ; automated bots & algorithmic trading tools .

By leveraging its existing infrastructure coupled with new technologies tailored towards blockchain innovation & decentralized finance solutions , TASE hopes that their foray into cryptocurrency will bring much needed competition into the local economy while giving investors access previously unavailable asset classes not otherwise easily accessible within Israel’s borders .

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