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T-Address (Zcash)

by Hideo Nakamura
T-Address (Zcash)

T-Address (Zcash)

A T-address is a type of address for the Zcash cryptocurrency. It was introduced in October 2016 as an alternative to the original Zcash address format, known as a “z-address”. T-addresses are similar to Bitcoin addresses and can be used by anyone regardless of their privacy preferences, making them more user friendly than z-addresses.

Unlike z–addresses, which utilize zero knowledge proofs to ensure that transactions remain private, t–addresses do not offer any form of privacy or anonymity. All transactions sent from or received at a t–address will be visible on the blockchain, meaning that they can be tracked by anyone with access to this public record. However, these addresses provide greater compatibility with exchanges and other services than z–addresses due to their similarity in structure to bitcoin addresses. In addition, companies may find it easier and more cost effective when dealing with customers who use t–addresses since there is no additional overhead associated with verifying zero knowledge proofs for each transaction sent from or received at a t–address.

Overall, whether you choose a z-address or t-address depends on your individual needs; if security and privacy are important then you should opt for the former but if ease of use is paramount then you should select the latter.

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