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Starwood Capital Group economy

by Hideo Nakamura
Starwood Capital Group economy

Starwood Capital Group is an American private investment firm that specializes in global real estate and other alternative investments. Founded in 1991 by Barry Sternlicht, the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most successful real estate investment firms. With offices located around the globe, Starwood Capital Group manages over $54 billion of assets on behalf of its clients.

The firm focuses on long-term value creation through ownership or control of a variety of asset types including commercial real estate, luxury resorts, student housing and multifamily housing, hospitality investments, golf courses and clubs, distressed debt investing as well as energy infrastructure projects such as wind farms and solar parks. The company’s portfolio also includes media companies such as MGM International Television Distribution Corporation.

As part of its economic strategy for success, Starwood Capital Group works with a range of partners across all sectors to ensure it makes smart investments while creating profitable returns for its investors. This collaborative approach allows Starwood to assess risk versus reward while leveraging partner expertise when necessary. In addition to working with corporate partners who have experience in specific markets or industries where they can assist in developing new projects or opportunities related to existing investments; the group also seeks out strategic partnerships with local governments which can provide access to incentives and tax credits that help reduce overall costs associated with any project they may be pursuing.

Starwood further seeks out joint venture opportunities from across sectors within their core markets—including retailing & hospitality; residential development & urban redevelopment; office towers & mixed-use developments—in order to benefit from shared resources like capital contributions needed for large scale projects rather than having each partner contribute independently towards larger development goals thereby allowing them greater flexibility when attempting complex transactions regarding financing arrangements or acquiring additional properties at advantageous rates due their collective buying power among other things that are beneficial for each party involved..

In conclusion Starwood Capital Groups economic strategy relies heavily on forming strong relationships both internally between team members but more importantly externally by finding smart partners who share similar business objectives so they can leverage combined resources toward mutual success while keeping individual risks manageable enough not too expose themselves too much financial danger should anything go wrong along the way during their ventures into unknown realms within international markets etcetera

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