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Market Share

by Hideo Nakamura
Market Share

Market Share

Market share is a measure of the relative size of a company, product or service compared to its competitors in the same industry. It is often expressed as either a percentage or fraction of total market sales. Market share can be calculated by dividing the company’s sales by the total market sales for that particular sector.

In cryptocurrency markets, market share measures how much value (in terms of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies) each currency holds compared to all others combined. This data is useful when analyzing which currencies are dominating any given coinmarketcap and/or which ones may have potential future growth opportunities due to their current lower levels of supply and demand. By monitoring trends in cryptocurrency prices and volumes over time it allows investors to make informed decisions on where they choose to allocate their capital investments into different projects.

The most common way to calculate cryptocurrency market share is through Coinmarketcap’s Global Market Cap Percentage Calculator; however there are also several independent websites offering similar services such as Crypto Compare, CoinGecko, Coindesk and LiveCoinWatch among others. All these sites provide up-to-date information about current global crypto market cap percentages and individual coins’ portion within them based on price, volume traded and circulating supply metrics; presenting users with an easy reference point for assessing overall investment risk versus reward ratios across multiple digital assets simultaneously before making any trades.

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