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Average is a type of mathematical measure used to determine the mean or average value of a set of numbers. In cryptocurrency, it can refer to either the arithmetic or geometric means of prices over time (historical averages) or an expected future price based on current market trends and indicators (forecasted averages). It may also be applied to other elements such as trading volumes, fees/commissions charged by exchanges, etc. The calculation method chosen depends on the particular context in which they are being used; for example, when determining historical financial performance then taking an arithmetic average will generally be most appropriate whereas if predicting future values then using a more sophisticated approach like exponential smoothing might yield better results.

Historical Averages

Historical Average refers to the mean value calculated from past data points pertaining to some variable – i.e., its price at certain times over previous months/years. This information can provide valuable insight into how prices have changed historically and could potentially help traders forecast where prices might go next given current market conditions; however caution must still be exercised as there are many factors influencing price movements that cannot simply be accounted for with one metric alone! Exponential Smoothing is often considered preferable due forecasting better than simple moving averages do since it takes into account both past data and recent fluctuations more accurately.

Forecasted Averages

Forecasted Average refers to an estimation made about what the likely outcome should be in terms of pricing going forward – i.e., where do we expect this asset’s worth to settle at in comparison with its peers? To calculate these figures various techniques such as trend analysis or technical indicators may need employed depending upon individual preferences; although ultimately all predictions carry inherent risks so care must always taken not become overly reliant upon them without further research firstly being conducted independently!

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