Friday, June 9, 2023

President Joe Biden has chosen to keep the sanctions imposed on Russia for another year, because he believes that the country still threatens America’s safety. Biden previously said that without these sanctions, a military war across nations could threaten us.

Biden Upholds Sanctions on Russia

President Joe Biden has decided to keep the sanctions on Russia in place for one more year. This is because Russia’s activities continue to be a dangerous threat to the safety and economy of the United States.

The US government recently passed a law (called Executive Order 14024) which states that the Russian government has been trying to interfere with elections and break international laws. This includes not respecting other country’s territories.

The government passed an order allowing them to place a special set of rules or punishments on some Russian organizations, elected officials, and businesses connected to the army. They added more people and businesses later who were helping to get away from following these punishments.

Sanctions or War

Many people have been critical of the way that these sanctions were created and increased, arguing that they have contributed to nations like China and India searching for new ways to reduce their need for the U.S. dollar as a currency that is used in making payments and savings.

Senator Marco Rubio recently spoke about sanctions on Fox News. He said that lots of countries are doing business without using the dollar in the future. This means that by five years from now, we will not have the power to use sanctions anymore!

President Biden said he prefers sanctioning Russia over a military confrontation. On February 26, 2022, he talked with YouTuber Brian Tyler Cohen and explained that the current sanctions against the country are “the broadest in history.” This means they are more serious than ever before.

You have two choices: start a World War Three conflict and fight against Russia, or force the country that breaks international laws to pay a penalty. Share your opinion about if Russia should receive more sanctions in the comments section.


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