Monday, May 29, 2023

On April 5, 2023, the blogger Andy Baio wrote a blog post explaining that all Mac computers from Mojave 10.14.0 to now have a copy of the Bitcoin white paper. With just one command in the terminal window, you can find a PDF version of the nine-page document inside the Preview app.

Mystery Solved

On April 5th, which a lot of people think is Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday, bitcoin supporters found out that lots of Mac computers running macOS had the original Bitcoin white paper saved on their computer. Someone even took a picture of what it looked like.

Andy Baio, an independent blogger, had a surprising discovery which he shared through his website’s blog post titled “The Bitcoin White Paper Is Hidden in Every Modern Copy of macOS.” He found the secret file while attempting to repair his printer and double-checked it by asking friends who also used Macs if they could confirm what he saw.

Baio gave us instructions on how to open a Bitcoin PDF file if we use a Mac with macOS 10.15 or newer. All we have to do is type in the command in the terminal and it should open in Preview. For those who don’t understand what the macOS terminal is, they can also access the same file by using the operating system’s library folder.

Baio was really curious to know why the Bitcoin white paper was picked out of all the other documents in the world. He also discovered that people had written about it before in a forum for Apple products.

Recently, something amazing was revealed! A bitcoin white paper (a special document) was found hidden inside Apple computers. It took five years for this news to finally get out to the Bitcoin community because it wasn’t widely known or talked about. We even double checked and verified that the white paper file really is on two Macs! Everyone in the crypto community (the people who like cryptocurrency) are very excited about this discovery. No one knows exactly why Apple hid the bitcoin paper so carefully, but it’s a nice surprise for crypto fans!

Do you think that Apple including the Bitcoin white paper in each Mac computer is a plan or an accident? Let us know by writing in the comments.

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