Friday, June 9, 2023

On Monday, 8th May 2023, Solana’s crypto-currency phone, Saga, will be available to buy. This Android phone is made by OSOM and it has been specially built for applications on Web3. It also includes the Seed Vault feature which makes it easier for users to protect their own crypto assets.

Securely Store Digital Assets with the Solana Saga Phone!

Solana Labs, Inc. just announced that they will start selling the Saga phone on May 8th and you can pre-order it from April 20th. The company wants to help people use digital assets more easily and safely. The Saga comes with some apps already installed and works with Android 13.

The phone has a special feature, the Seed Vault, which securely stores virtual money. It also has a big 6.67-inch OLED display and a fingerprint scanner for extra protection. To charge it, you need to use a USB-C cable and it takes pictures with its 50MP and 12MP dual cameras. Even more impressive is that the Seed Vault provides additional security by using advanced encryption techniques like AES.

The newest Web3 phone is called the ‘Solana Mobile Stack’ and it costs $1,000. It has a special app store with plenty of cool apps that can make money for you, like NFTs, DAOs, and staking. This isn’t the first smartphone to have cryptocurrency built in; so far there have been HTC’s Exodus phone, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 with its own crypto apps, and Siren Labs’ Finney phone which costs $999.

Samsung still provides an Android-based SDK, called the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. At the same time, a tech company named OSOM created the Solana Saga phone. It was founded by Jason Keats who had previously worked at Essential. In September 2022, with the help of Solana Mobile, OSOM finished a $25 million fundraising round according to Pitchbook’s data.

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