Четверг, Март 23, 2023

Announcement! On March 14th, 2023, the game-to-earn app Metacade had success in raising more than 10 million dollars. The presale is in its last stage before it’s publicly available and can be bought from the official website. It’s only a matter of 16 days before this token hits the market on Bitmart and Uniswap sites. Hurry up before time runs out!

The CEO of Metacade, Russell Bennet, was really happy to announce that the recent presale of their project has been a huge success. They also recently hired Tyler Lange as Principal Product Designer, which will help them start creating the app they plan to showcase soon. With more than 10 million dollars raised in their presale, the team is looking forward to this year’s GameFi trend that interests investors and gamers alike when MCADE launches on exchanges in April 2023.

Metacade focuses on projects driven by the community and allows people to weigh in on certain decisions with polls and AMAs. The platform provides ways for users to earn rewards as they play games or create content such as game concept proposals that have already started coming in from various users via social chats like Telegram. CertiK, a blockchain auditing company, has verified Metacade after checking its specifications and code making sure it met the KYC requirements. You can find these results on the CertiK website if you want to learn about them.

Metacade is something exciting that you should know about!

Metacade is the perfect place to play and make money in the world of gaming. It’s like an online arcade where you can talk with other gamers, learn new skills and even find exclusive games that can earn you some cash. Best of all, by the end it will be controlled by everyone who uses the platform – making it a fair system for everyone involved! So if you’re a passionate gamer don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to have fun, make money and meet great people from around the globe!

There are some websites, social media sites, and documents that can help you learn more about something called Metacade. To get in touch with someone about it, look for Russell Bennett at [email protected]

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