Friday, December 1, 2023

Parex, a company that created something called “ParexChain” plus a bunch of decentralized applications such as the Parex Wallet, RaccoonSwap, and Exchange has just announced its success. They have gotten $6.5 million in investment from two firms called DWF Labs ($3 million) and Bitgert Ventures ($3.5 million). That’s the investment arm of a cryptocurrency exchange called Bitgert. There you go!

Parex recently completed an investment round for their ParexChain. This system is designed to help launch a blockchain ecosystem that’s powered by the community. The money will help speed up Parex in creating a DeFi and DAO system, plus it’ll be used for “mining” the Parex chain. This all means that they’re looking for innovative blockchain solutions to reduce inflation.

Liam Anthony, the leader of Parex, is very proud of two investments companies that believe in its bright future. According to him, they are focused on creating new blockchain technologies to give their community more input and prevent too much money from being printed. With these important investors like DWFLabs and Bitgert Ventures helping them out, they plan to launch a big project soon called the PEP20 Mainnet. Before that, you’ll hear about their testnet plus a massive giveaway event called AIRDROP.

Parex offers a bunch of awesome services. These include specially designed mining, a token, blockchain technology for security, applications that aren’t controlled by anyone particularly, a wallet to store your crypto safely and an exchange for trading.

Contact: Liam Anthony, [email protected]

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