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In a groundbreaking move, Ukraine has launched a free crypto course for its citizens as part of its ambition to become the best crypto jurisdiction in the world. The program, which was announced on a government portal, has already attracted over 20,000 people, who have signed up to learn more about digital currencies and blockchain technology. This move by the Ukrainian government shows its commitment to promote digital currency education and foster innovation that could potentially revolutionize the country’s economy. By making this knowledge available to everyone for free, Ukraine is paving the way for citizens to be more informed, and make informed decisions about investing in digital currencies.

Ukraine Launches Free Crypto Course to Become a Leader in Crypto Education

Ukraine has taken a major step forward in increasing the number of citizens who are crypto literate by launching a free course on cryptocurrency. The course, which follows an official announcement from the Ukrainian government about the initiative, will comprise 100 hours of theory and practice about Bitcoin, Ethereum, mining and smart contracts.

The initiative is a collaboration between Ukraine’s Digital Ministry, a local crypto exchange Kuna, the blockchain platform Waves, and a Ukrainian software development company called Element Group. The course is designed to provide Ukrainians with the necessary tools to understand cryptocurrencies and become more familiar with them.

The Digital Ministry said that they have very ambitious plans to make Ukraine “the most digitalised and best crypto jurisdiction in the world”. In order to do so, they want to educate their citizens on how to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

In addition, crypto donations have already helped raise $212 million for defence and relief efforts in Ukraine. This could be an indication of the potential for cryptocurrencies to help people in need and make everyday transactions easier.

The free course on cryptocurrency is an excellent way for Ukrainians to gain knowledge about crypto technologies, as well as its potential applications. By understanding how these technologies work, users can make informed decisions when using them or investing in any related projects. It is hoped that this initiative will lead to even more Ukrainians becoming crypto literate.

The move by the Ukrainian government to provide free educational courses on cryptocurrency demonstrates the nation’s commitment to becoming a leader in the field of crypto education. This initiative will no doubt help to increase the level of knowledge and understanding among Ukrainians of cryptocurrencies, and the 20,000+ students who have already signed up for the course are a testament to the popularity of this newfound education. As the world continues to embrace blockchain technology, Ukraine’s knowledge and experience in the field will no doubt help to propel the country toward a future of financial innovation and success.


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