Friday, June 2, 2023

Today, March 29th 2023, Chainwire announced that OKX, one of the biggest digital currency exchanges in the world, is going to open up a new office in Australia soon. Famous people such as Scotty James and Daniel Ricciardo were also at this special event for the crypto community held at Melbourne’s Arts Centre.

At the start of March 30, an Australian Grand Prix race will begin. In this race, an OKX-sponsored car from McLaren F1 Team and driven by Australians Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris will be featured.

The Chief Marketing Officer of OKX, Haider Rafique said that they want to become the top crypto company in the world and Australia is going to be a big part of it. He believes that Australians have started using crypto a lot and so the local office of OKX will grow stronger in Australia.

Daniel Ricciardo, an Australian car racer who is part of the OKX platform, was very excited to hear that a new OKX office is opening in his home country. He celebrated with the whole OKX team and members from the crypto community. Daniel thinks that OKX’s future in Australia looks really good!

Scotty James, an Australian Olympic snowboarder who is also working as a representative for OKX, stated: “Crypto is always up and running. It’s great to see OKX expanding even further by opening an office in Australia.”

OKX shows how much they care about trust and being honest by publishing its Proof of Reserves (PoR) report each month. According to an independent source, OKX holds the biggest 100% clean reserves amounting to 8.9 billion US Dollars in comparison with other major exchanges. People can check on their website if the reserves reported are real or not through a special tool that gives you guaranteed results. The picture above includes OKX’s CMO Haider Rafique (left) and F1 Driver Oscar Piastri (right).

In the photo are OKX Ambassadors Scotty James (left), and Daniel Ricciardo (right) with the company’s CMO, Haider Rafique (center).

OKX is an advanced technology firm that creates products for a system called Web3. It is well-known as one of the quickest and most reliable crypto trading platforms used by investors and experienced traders all over the world. In addition, this exchange has become the second biggest worldwide when it comes to trade volume, being trusted by more than 50 million people.

OKX offers self-custody solutions like the OKX Wallet which lets people have more control over their assets and access different digital trading platforms, markets for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DeFi (Decentralized Finance), GameFi and thousands of other applications.

OKX works with some popular brands, athletes (people playing sports) and teams, such as Manchester City F.C., McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team, Tribeca Film Festival, Ian Poulter – famous golfer, Scotty James – a Winter Olympic medalist and Daniel Ricciardo – a professional Formula One driver.

OKX works hard to make sure your information is safe and open. We do this by publishing a proof of our reserves every month. To learn more about us, you can download our app or visit

This is an important notice for everyone. Before purchasing digital assets, like stablecoins, you must think carefully about whether it’s suitable for your financial situation or not. Keep in mind that these types of coins come with a lot of risk and can potentially become worthless. To make sure you stay safe and make the right decision, please consult a financial specialist or expert.

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