Saturday, July 20, 2024

People using Metamask in Nigeria can now buy crypto assets on their phone. This was announced by Consensys and its partner Moonpay. The executive from Consensys said that this makes it easier and takes out barriers that stop Nigerians from utilizing Web3 technologies.

Purchase Crypto Assets Anywhere

Consensys, one of the popular Web3 companies, announced that people in Nigeria can now buy crypto assets within their Metamask wallet app. Consensys made this happen by joining forces with a Web3 infrastructure business called Moonpay. This new feature allows users from Nigeria to purchase and own crypto currency without needing to create accounts with traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.

Consensys announced that Metamask, a mobile app and decentralized portfolio application, now has the feature to allow users to buy crypto using their bank account. This happened because of lots of rejected or blocked transactions when people try to buy it using their credit or debit card. Now they can just do an instant transfer from their bank instead.

Nigerian Crypto Users Can Now Make Easier Web3 Transactions with Metamask and Moonpay!

Lorenzo Santos, who is the senior product manager at Metamask, talked about their new wallet feature saying, “This upgrade will make it easier for people in Nigeria to use cryptocurrency and Web3. We are trying our best to eliminate all the difficulties that come with buying the crypto with fiat money and ensuring Nigerians get all the support they need while they join Web3.”

Moonpay’s chief product & strategy officer Zeeshan Feroz said that it has now become easier for Nigerians to load money into their own wallet. Plus, they are also planning on bringing this feature to Kenya, Botswana and South Africa in the next month. You can register your email address to get news about African countries sent right to your inbox every week!

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