Monday, May 29, 2023

Flutterwave, which is a big company from Nigeria, recently said that it got permission from the National Bank of Rwanda. With these special licenses, Flutterwave can now offer its services to more than 13 million people living and working in Rwanda. A representative from Flutterwave also said that the two licenses will help make it so that individuals and businesses in Rwanda can have secure payments without any problems.

Flutterwave Opens Doors To 13 Million People In Rwanda With Two Licenses

Flutterwave, an African financial technology company, made an announcement on March 15 that it can work in Rwanda more efficiently with two new licenses given by the National Bank of Rwanda. With these special licenses – known as electronic money issuer and remittance permits – Flutterwave has access to 13 million people living and working in Rwanda.

The fintech company Flutterwave has obtained two special licenses. This means that they are allowed to offer products and services like cross-border money transfer solutions, store tools, payment links, invoices, and checkout to people living in Rwanda.

Olugbenga Agboola, the CEO of Flutterwave, talked about the new licenses given out by the company. The licenses show that Flutterwave is working towards its goal of connecting Africa through payments. Olugbenga also explained why Rwanda was an important market for them which he said in his own words.

The country of Rwanda is well known for enabling innovation and using digital technology, which has made it a very important target for our plans in East Africa. We are very happy that we’ve been given the permission to do this.Our East Africa Regional Lead Leah Uwihoreye said the two licenses help us provide safe and convenient payments for both people and businesses in Rwanda!

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