Friday, December 1, 2023

A company called Bloxmith just released the open beta of their game, Raiders Rumble. It’s a 1-versus-1 squad battler game you can play on your mobile device and it’s powered by something called the Flow blockchain. You can download the game on Google Play or Apple App Store right now!

Raiders Rumble is a game for everyone to show off their strategic skills. Play every day and in different tournament modes to compete with others, as the top 50% of players can win rewards like in-game items and RUMB tokens.

You don’t need to have a special wallet, or any digital collectible items (called NFTs) to play and enjoy Raiders Rumble. Even though collecting these digital items doesn’t give you any extra power while playing the game, they have other features that make them worth a lot to people who like to collect things.

“We wanted to make a new type of mobile strategy game which can be enjoyed by both traditional and Web3 gamers,” said Wayne Lee, the CEO and co-founder of Bloxmith. “We are happy that we’re able to use the Flow blockchain for this project – it will help us create great digital experiences with minimal lag. Additionally, user transitioning from Web2 to Web3 is made easier as Flow has social logins and payment methods that everyone already knows about.”

To make the launch of Raiders Rumble more exciting, it will have three tournaments with $120,000 worth of FLOW tokens that you can win. The tournaments are from March 23 to 31 so jump in and find out more details on the Raiders Rumble website!

Chirag Narang says that ‘Raiders Rumble’ is a really cool Welcome-to-Web3 mobile game. It’s made by the team at Bloxmith, who want to introduce people to 3D gaming and get them used to Web3. He thinks it fits with Flow’s vision for creating an awesome ecosystem around gaming.

Bloxmith is a company founded in December 2021 by some experienced gamers from lots of big game companies, including Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Pumpkin VR and Facebook Gaming. The goal of Bloxmith is to make games that are fun even after you play them 1000 times or more! People who help fund the company, also known as investors, include Infinity Ventures Crypto, Dapper Labs, Vayala, Moon Holdings, Bitoro, SEA Pixel and To learn more about Bloxmith and Flow (what it’s about) check out their website and social media pages (Twitter, LinkedIn and Discord). If you have questions or want to let the people at Bloxmith know something special send an email to Deon Moh at [email protected].

Flow is a special type of blockchain that makes it easier to access the internet and do things online. It’s safe, secure, and good for the environment. Flow helps developers create new online experiences that could bring more people to use web 3 services. Many top brands, businesses, crypto leaders, and others are part of Flow’s successful ecosystem. Go to to find out more about this project!

This is an important announcement. Before you do anything involving the company mentioned in the announcement, please make sure you know what you’re doing. isn’t responsible if something bad happens to you from reading this announcement or because of something related to it.

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