Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A recent survey showed that fewer people prefer to invest in real estate for the long term. On the contrary, it was also revealed that much more people are likely to invest in gold than before.

Real Estate Still Preferred for Long-Term Investments, Despite Interest Decrease

Gallup, Inc., a company in Washington D.C., just released their latest survey about long-term investments on May 11, 2023. Gallup actually has been doing these kinds of surveys since 1935 and they do it all around the world.

Between April 3 and April 25, 2023 researchers asked 1,013 people over the age of 18 living in the United States what they think is the best way to invest. The options given were real estate, gold, stocks, bonds, and crypto assets. They called these people up by telephone and made sure their responses were random.

The latest survey done by Gallup showed that real estate was still seen as the best investment in the long-term, even though American’s interest towards it has dropped. Last year, 45% of people liked real estate, but now only 35% do.

According to the report by Lydia Saad of Gallup Poll, housing prices have been high over the last year and it appears that people are selecting homes at a similar rate as they did between 2016-2020. Saad also said that interest rates had dropped which made buying or investing in houses less attractive.

The amount of people wanting to invest in U.S stocks hasn’t changed much from last year, but fewer people are interested, dropping from 24% to 18%. However, more people are investing in gold than before!

Gold is now more popular than stocks as an investment, having gone up from 15% to 26%. That’s higher than the 17-27% range of people who usually choose stocks. This means that fewer people are buying them.

Last year, 8% of the people that took a survey said they liked to use crypto assets as investments for the future. But now, only 4% of them still feel the same way. This is because bad things happened in 2022 to bitcoin, like it lost value and caught something called FTX sickness. So now, there isn’t much interest in using cryptocurrency as an investment anymore.

A survey showed that when people had the choice to invest either in stocks or cryptocurrencies, they usually chose cryptocurrencies. However, when they weren’t given the choice of cryptocurrencies, they were more likely to pick stocks instead. Even though investing in cryptocurrency was a better option last year, bonds still got 7% of responses in this latest poll.

What do you think of the recent changes in the options available when investing money? Let us know your thoughts, and which investment option most interests you, by leaving a comment below.


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