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Some people have accused the team that made ?Friendsies – an NFT platform – of taking money from users without giving them what they paid for. However, they said they are still working on the project and not abandoning it.

Friendsies Under Attack

On Feb. 21, Friendsies creators said that they have put their project and all future digital products on hold for now, because the market has been difficult to work with. They even said earlier that it’s been really hard to keep this project going in a good way, mainly because the prices of things have been quite unsteady.

About 17 hours after the announcement, the team shared that they were receiving a lot of hate and threats. They also confirmed that they wouldn’t give up on the project.

Then 40 minutes later, their Twitter account was deactivated which worried people even more and made them suspicious if they had taken money from users without completing the product (known as “rugged”). Later on, Friendswithyou’s Twitter account went private which lead to these accusations.

The Friendsies account on Twitter has come back online and the people who made it promised everyone that they won’t be given up on this project.

Unlocking a Digital World

In 2018, Friendsies released 10,000 special items called non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum website. These tokens are like digital friends – they could be used for in things like virtual worlds, real-world events and art exhibits. They can also be collected in a play-to-win game, which is kinda like the old Tamagotchi toys. Right now, 3,323 people own these NFTs!

OpenSea said that in total, the collection has been swapped with 3,775 ETH (a kind of digital money), and it is worth 0.012 ETH per item. This adds up to a total value of about $20.


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