Tuesday, June 6, 2023

France’s president Emmanuel Macron has shared his views on Europe’s relationship with the U.S. and China. After visiting Beijing, he has suggested that Europe should not take sides between America and China – instead, it should be independent and strong, as to not become a ‘vassal’ of either side by relying heavily on the American dollar (his idea is called “strategic autonomy”).

Macron’s Push for European Autonomy

Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron shared his views on the current issues Europe is dealing with. He’s been to China for a three-day visit where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and during his return trip home, Macron mentioned that Europe is too often caught up in someone else’s fights which hold Europe back from reaching its goals of being independent.

Macron pointed out that the European Union’s actions make it look like they just follow the United States. He added: “It would be scary if we thought that we can’t do anything without the US.” As part of his plan to have Europe become more independent, Macron said that Europe won’t be able to stop any potential conflicts between Taiwan and other countries, and trying to do so might only cause tension.

Analysts think that the doctrine of strategic autonomy has much more to do with the United States than with countries like China and Russia. Cui Hongjian, from the China Institute of International Studies, further explained it as, “Europe does not want to be left behind in a battle between powerful nations, so they want to have their own say on security, defense, and foreign policy.”

Macron Warns Europe

French President Macron said that Europe has become too reliant on the US for energy and military protection. He suggested creating solutions of their own since relying on the US might threaten them in the future.

Macron warned: “If there are large fights between world powers, we won’t have enough money or resources to be independent, and so we’ll become like a puppet.”

European countries may not be directly affected by U.S. dollar sanctions but businesses cannot do business in certain countries because if they do, they could be punished with secondary sanctions. To try and prevent this, China, Russia and the other BRICS block countries are looking for different ways to make transactions without needing to use the U.S. Dollar.

President Xi recently talked to Europe about standing against mean, selfish behavior and avoiding any economic or supply chain separations. This was said in opposition to sanctions. What do you think about President Macron’s views on Europe depending on the American dollar? Please share your opinion in the comments section below.


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