Friday, June 2, 2023

MaskEX, a new cryptocurrency exchange, got permission from Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority to get ready to launch in the United Arab Emirates. It is an important achievement for MaskEX which was trying hard to increase their presence in the Middle East and help more people have access to virtual assets.

MaskEX is preparing to become the first regulated exchange in UAE with permissions from VARA. To do this, they need to wrap up some behind-the-scenes work like official paperwork, finding a place for their headquarters, and hiring new employees. They also have to apply for a special FMP license from VARA which will give them the ability to carry out legal activities such as trading, lending/borrowing, being a broker-dealer and managing virtual assets. The goal is to ensure compliance with all regulations while protecting customers and driving innovation.

The CEO of MaskEX, Eric Yang, said he is very happy to receive the initial approval from a UAE agency, VARA. This shows their dedication towards meeting the strictrules and regulations. They hope to soon launch their platform which will provide people in the UAE with a secure and efficient way to access virtual assets, while strictly following all the instructions VARA gave them.

The UAE’s introduction of MaskEX is expected to bring lots of positive changes, like creating more jobs and attracting international investors. The government is striving to be the leading country in virtual assets and blockchain technology through initiatives like MaskEX, so this launch could really help make the UAE a leader in these fields.

MaskEX is easy to use, even for people with no trading experience. You can get a lot of great stuff here, like packages that help you save money, lots of trade options with other people, and ways to turn regular cash into digital assets (or the other way around).

Ben Caselin, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of MaskEX said, “We’ve been given the okay from VARA which is really important not just for the UAE, but for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as a whole. We’ll be working with the government to make sure our platform meets all the standards they require and keeps things secure & transparent for those using it”.

MaskEX provides products and services across the MENA region.

MaskEX is an online platform designed to make it easier and more secure for people to use digital currencies. It was set up in 2021 and aims to help its users around the world by providing various new product features and services related to the crypto and blockchain industry.

MaskEX has an easy-to-use interface with useful features for both beginner and expert crypto traders. The exchange offers a variety of products including savings plans, over 300 trading pairs and well-traded contracts. Plus, it has services to help customers swap real money for digital assets (or vice versa).

MaskEx is a company that has over one million users from all around the world. Its goal is to help people make more use of digital assets and create better communities for smart cities. To find out more about MaskEX, you can check their website or email [email protected].

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