People in Russia who use the Internet have been receiving emails about this new thing called a “cryptocurrency.” This is fake and people are asked to click on a link that takes them to a website where they can invest their money, but it’s not real. Security experts say it is not legitimate.

Protect Yourself from Fraudsters

Fraudsters have been sending out emails to Russian people saying that the government is about to launch “the Russian state cryptocurrency,” according to Kaspersky Lab and Tass news agency. The cyber security firm warns us that if we respond to those emails, we will risk losing our money. They said that thousands of these emails have already gone out by February’s end.

People are receiving fake emails saying that Russia is launching a new kind of money called “crypto” and the email tells them to go to a website about it. On that website, it looks like Pavel Durov, who is famous for creating the very popular messaging app in the crypto world, is behind this money project.

The website pretends to give you the opportunity to invest in a project and earn money. In truth, when you give the scammers your money, they take it and you will not get anything back. Also, if you do this, any personal information that you give could get stolen by them., a Russian tech giant, blocks more than 200,000 email scams related to crypto every day. Andrey Sumin, the technical director of the group’s business unit, said that around 15% of these emails disguised as letters from regulators.

To protect yourself from frauds, it is recommended that you make sure you are knowledgeable about digital tools and online safety. Install a security solution on all devices like your phone and computer, be mindful when reviewing emails and do not click on links from strangers or enter private information onto untrustworthy websites.

The Central Bank of Russia is working on a special project to create a digital version of the Russian currency. This digital “ruble” will be similar to cash and electronic bank money, but it can only be used for payments and not investments. Tests with real users are expected to start in April 2021 and the official launch is happening in 2024. Additionally, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin still need to be regulated by Russia.

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