Friday, June 2, 2023

Regulated United Europe recently analyzed 28 countries in the European Union to see where it would be best to launch a crypto-project in 2023. After months of research, they have decided that these three countries are the best for launching a new crypto project. The first country is Lithuania and their laws concerning getting a crypto license.

In Lithuania, it is possible for services to provide the exchange of cryptocurrency and its storage. To this date, the government has a law that lists out specific rules and regulations for these types of companies to follow. This makes Lithuania an attractive place since most of the other European countries are still unclear on their own laws in regards to crypto-currencies.

In Lithuania, it’s easy to get started on a project in only one month – no need for a physical office there. You can reach out directly to the government regulator and ask questions about laws related to virtual assets. Plus, you can purchase or license things remotely. Lastly, Lithuania is rated very high in the World Bank Report Doing Business.

Since February 1, 2023, Lithuania has a public list of companies that trade in digital currencies. This list helps make these businesses look more trustworthy. Right now there are over 350 licenses for trading crypto-currency in Lithuania.

Lawyers from Regulated United Europe did lots of research on this topic and concluded that launching a crypto project is easiest in Lithuania compared to other countries.

The Czech Republic is a great place to start a project with cryptocurrencies. There isn’t much paperwork and bureaucracy involved, which makes it easy to get things done. According to the lawyers of our company, two big advantages of doing this in the Czech Republic are not needing large amounts of money for getting started and you don’t need to have an office or director there either.

– You don’t have to follow any strict guidelines when making a website or crypto project platform

– The cost of launching the project is very reasonable

– Your project can be ready within one month

– You also have the option to purchase something that’s already been made

– And you can do all of this without even needing to leave your home!

Lawyers from Regulated United Europe say the Czech Republic is a really good place to launch a crypto project. Our company can help you get the necessary crypto license and make sure your project starts as soon as possible.

Bulgaria has the lowest taxes in the European Union. If people living in Bulgaria are earning money, they will pay only 10% as tax. This is much lower than other countries in Europe. The most special thing about Bulgaria is that you can get a license for a kind of currency called “crypto” if you have a foreign company. In addition, anyone can know who is trading this type of coins and those people who provide a ‘wallet’ service for it from an open Register which lists all such activities.

After spending 9 months studying the laws of 28 different countries in Europe, the lawyers from RUE have come to some conclusions. All countries in Europe have similar rules to stop money laundering but each country has slightly different ways of doing it.

If companies provide services online, they must follow certain rules and regulations. But the most important factor to consider when getting a licence is how the regulator feels about it. If the authorities are open to going ahead with licensing, it can only take up to a month. However, if their attitude isn’t positive (like in Estonia now), even though you have followed all the requirements it might still get denied.

The cost of starting the project might be a lot higher than you expect when you’re trying to get it licensed in some parts of Europe. This is because there are often tricky laws that can change quickly, with new rules that could increase how much money you will need for your crypto company.

If you have a project that you want to bring to the European Union market (which has over 440 million people living in it), contact the lawyers from Regulated United Europe. They can give you a detailed analysis of your project and tell you what you need to do to make sure it’s legal in one of the countries in the European Union. does not take any responsibility for any damage caused from using anything found in this press release. Make sure to check things out carefully before trusting any company, its affiliates, or what it offers. Photos used in the press release are from Shutterstock, Pixabay, and Wiki Commons.


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