Friday, June 9, 2023

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After the second biggest bank failure in history, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into if First Republic Bank’s executives made trades using information that wasn’t supposed to be available yet. People haven’t said who might be in trouble but it looks like they are investigating it. There are also reports saying that some important people sold shares of this bank before it went down and had to be bought by JPMorgan Chase.

Potential Insider Trading Unveiled at First Republic Bank

On May 1, 2023, the government of California took control of First Republic Bank in San Francisco. This big bank had $229 billion in assets. It was the second biggest bank failure they have ever seen, after Washington Mutual (Wamu) failed back in 2008. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is now responsible for the bank.

Two reporters, Sabrina Willmer and Austin Weinstein, just uncovered a potentially disturbing news. They shared that the people they talked to said that the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking into First Republic Bank’s executives which might mean they are doing something illegal like insider trading. This comes right after the SEC looked into Silicon Valley Bank’s executive who crashed the bank and it was one of the biggest-ever bank failures in American history.

Willmer and Weinstein asked the SEC and JPMorgan Chase to provide a comment about the rumors that First Republic Bank is being investigated. But, both entities declined to answer, meaning they did not want to say anything. The people who informed the reporters of this investigation did not tell them who from First Republic was involved. So, for now it looks like no one from the bank has done something wrong.

Uncovering the Truth about the Fall of First Republic Bank

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Several reports have said that US politicians sold their shares in First Republic Bank before it went bankrupt. Florida Democrat Lois Frankel told CNN that she had also done this, but her stocks were managed by someone else who decided when to buy and sell them.

The US government has been accused of selling stocks before the market crashed many times. In 2020, several Senators were accused of breaking the 2012 STOCK Act rules but none was brought to court. Then according to New York Times in 2022, 97 members from the US Congress bought companies influenced by their respective committees.

Have you heard about what some people think happened at First Republic Bank? Executives were accused of making illegal profits by trading the bank’s information, and some United States lawmakers sold their stocks in the bank before it went bankrupt. What do you think?


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