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Chainwire is a company that helps Japanese SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) get more well-known worldwide. This initiative, called the STAR project, looks for different products, services and information that these businesses have to offer.

Through this special set up, Japan can gain benefits from other countries as well. The goal of the STAR project is crystal clear: both Japanese SMEs and their partners abroad can mutually gain from this exciting scheme!

The STAR Project is here to help small and medium size businesses in Japan with spreading the word about their products and services. Thanks to this project, these companies can get money they can use to reinvest in their business.

Foreign companies have the chance to buy products, technology, and ideas from Japanese small businesses. The goal is to help Japan’s economy and make a better future for everyone.

This initiative helps Japanese small businesses introduce their products and tech to businesses in other countries. Both sides will benefit when they exchange goods or services!

This idea came from a wish to make the most of Japan’s technology. Though the money in Japan is high, it doesn’t cover what other countries score on something called the Global Innovation Index 2021.

The Japanese economy is facing challenges that cannot be solved just by modern technology. It seems like people in Japan believe it’s important to act modestly, but this idea can be misunderstood as not being able to explain things clearly.

STAR is working to help businesses from Japan get better at innovation so that their global score goes up. With their knowledge and skills, Japanese market companies and other international firms can do more in the worldwide market.

STAR wants to aim its services at both Japanese and foreign corporations. Using STAR’s system, smaller companies in Japan can present their products, technologies and know-how to attract overseas enterprises.

STAR is an organization that will provide help for foreign businesses so they can start up in Japan and create new products. The companies involved can even use a special token called “StartupersCoin” to pay for their services on the platform.

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Japan can make money by improving their products, technology, and know-how. With that money, they can reinvest into their company even if it is located outside of Japan. What STAR (a project name) wants to do is to help boost the overall world economy and create a lasting change for all of us.

STAR’s AUCTION is a website that helps foreign companies and Japanese SMEs (small and medium enterprises) buy and sell goods. All foreign businesses must go through a background check to be sure that they are good customers. Once they’re verified, they can enter an auction (like on eBay) where they can bid for certain privileges.

During the auction, all the companies need to share some information about their business. Whoever wins this bidding process will be allowed to trade products that have private details in it.

STAR is a platform that helps Japanese and foreign firms grow together. Its goal is for more companies around Japan can get involved in activities that help create peacefulness worldwide and protect our resources.

In Japan, businesses are usually based on the idea of “Wa” which means harmony. STAR wants to take advantage of this system and help these companies increase in size. On May 10th, there’s going to be a special event to combine different companies from all around the world so that everyone can work together easily and understand each other better.

If you want to find out more about STAR, visit its website or the team’s Twitter page. You can get in touch with them there!

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