Friday, December 1, 2023

Hacken, a blockchain security auditor, has decided to partner with “Killer Whales,” a reality TV show made by HELLO Labs and CoinMarketCap. This show is like the “Shark Tank” of the cryptocurrency world. Hacken will be in charge of testing the projects part of this show to make sure everything’s okay. To apply for this program, you have to go on their website.

A new show is coming soon where entrepreneurs can share their ideas for new web projects and products to an important panel of people in the web industry. This show is called HELLO Labs which was made by Paul Caslin, who produces the MTV VMA awards.

Killer Whales is an organization that wants to make sure people know about the truth and facts of Web3 space. To do this, Killer Whales makes sure each project gets checked thoroughly so everyone can feel safe and secure. The CEO of HELLO Labs, Sander Gortjes, says that Hacken’s special experience in checking new projects will help them with their goal.

Hacken will help viewers all over the world to check if their projects are secure before they decide to get involved with them. If their work passes these security checks and interviews, filming for ‘Killer Whales’ will start in June 2023, and it will be available on streaming services and Hello TV series.

Killer Whales is a brand new competition show that focuses on creative ideas, amazing products, and talented founders. Hacken, an organization dedicated to secure environments, has joined this project as a security partner to make sure every entry entering the show is safe and reliable. Moreover, Hacken wants viewers of Killer Whales to understand the importance of doing independent research before engaging with any project in Web3 (a particular technology). We are very excited to be part of this great project and we will do whatever it takes to protect it from bad actors. Dyma Budorin -Co-Founder and CEO at Hacken said these words.

Since 2011, hackers and scammers have stolen over $16.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency. This year by 2023, criminals have already taken around $100 million in digital coins like DeFi and NFTs. Because of this, it’s important to make sure Web3 is safe from thieves with security checks and cyber protection.

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